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Earlier this month I signed a lease on a new live / work studio space downtown (only 15 minutes away from my old place). The studio is the south facing wing of the former Southern California Edison Electric Power Station #3 building located within The Brewery Art Colony.

The building is registered as a Historic Cultural Landmark and was designed by John Parkinson in 1903. The space is 4800 square feet (not counting the back patio) with open ceilings 3 stories tall. It even features a roll-up electric door large enough to accommodate tall trucks.

As you can see from the photos below (that I took this morning), everyone is still working furiously to get it ready for a September 1 move date!

#1 – Here’s the front of the building. The studio is located in the left 1/3 of the building. There are six other tenants in the building not including the L.A. Artcore:  Brewery Annex (an art gallery). The light was very warm this morning, so take a look at the next photo below for a better idea as to the actual brick color.
#2 – This is the outside front view of our space. I love the vines although neighbors have said that the leaves will all fall away during the winter months
#3 – I purchased the front door and street address numbers from the previous tenant. Both are custom made art pieces in their own right.
#4 – Did I mention that I really like our new street number?
#5 – If you step through the front door and turn around, this is what you see.
#6 – Here some additional front door details. Note the custom steel triangular entry steps. Watch those pointy corners!
#7 – This is the view from the front door facing into the live / work studio. Did I mention the space was kind of large?
#8 – This is the view looking to the left of the door. The vertical steel beams are part of the building’s earthquake retrofit.
#9 – The skylight windows (seen at the top) are original to the building and can still open and close using a long pull chain that runs down from the ceiling. The windows on the brick wall are blocked off but the previous tenant built them out as light boxes. I can flip a switch and they all light up with florescent light, bathing the whole space in a soft glow.
#10 – Here’s a closer look at the central red steel mezzanine in the space. Note the Ikea kitchen cabinets in the foreground. Those are supposed to be hung this weekend!
#11 – Here you can see a better view of the kitchen. Did I mention that guys and gals at Ikea are now my best friends?
#12 – Here’s a ladder up to the mezzanine that will serve as our bedroom. As you can see, the incline on this ladder is pretty steep so I’ve also added a rolling steel ladder (similar to those you see in Home Depot) that I’m placing on the other side of the mezzanine. And more importantly, since it’s a rolling ladder, I can move the stairs where I want them when I have a photo session where I need some serious height above my subjects.
#13 – Here are my awesome contractors hard at work. Note the really cool angles of the bathroom walls and roof.
#14 – Here’s the view from the back of our space. To get some idea of scale, take a look at the height of the contractor walking in the middle area of the photograp
#15 – Here’s a photo of the custom lighting that was also purchased from the previous tenant. He installed two separate winches so the lighting structures (one in the front and one in the back) can be independently raised and lowered based my lighting needs.
#16 – Here’s a photo of one of the walls in what will soon become my studio area. This is all original 1903 construction. I wasn’t in love with the textures at first; what was I thinking!
#17 – This is a photograph of the back door. The huge motorized door is really handy for moving large items in and out of the space. The other day there were two contractor trucks parked inside the studio!
#18 – And here’s another view of the patio area that really shows off the ivy and and flowering shrubs.
#19 – And what photo gallery of The Brewery would be complete without a photo of the famous smokestack. If you’re driving on the I-5 you can easily see it near the Main Street exit. And since this smokestack rises up out of the connected building (not seen in the photos above), I can tell people to “look for the smokestack” when they are driving over to the space.

21 thoughts on “Brewery Studio Moving In Photos”

  1. Wow, Rob! I am so happy for you and your new endeavor! It looks like the perfect space and I cannot wait to see the finished results. Best of Luck!!

  2. Fantastic!!! Hope to see it next year when I’m on your coast. I’ll just look for the Brewery smoke stack.

  3. OMG!!!!! Hope you don’t get lost in there!! You could film a movie in there, build sets. wow!!! It takes a lot of confidence to take this on, and you’ve got that in spades! Congratulations. Can’t wait to visit. How bout adding a shot of the two of you??

  4. WOW! Congrats Rob! It looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it. If you need any photography subjects to experiment on in the new space, let us know! Blessings.

  5. David said “BIGGGGG” and when he read that it was three stories. He asked where are the other floors. Katie says, “Where is his flat screen TV???” She also thought that the ivy growing up the back side of your house in the patio shot looks like a Giraffe! Suzie says “Wow”! Love from us all!!

  6. I am puzzled. Throughout the captions “I” was used, except for one time. “Our” was used only once and it was when referring to the bedroom. Please explain. I love the project. I like old stuff (antiques) with a history (a story). You most certainly have one here! Don’t side step the issue here. I want to know.

  7. I’m impressed!! It looks like it will be perfect for your needs. I’m surprised that you are so into the ‘old’. Be sure and send another set of pix after the construction is complete and you are moved in. My whole apartment (which I love) would fit easily into a tiny corner of your digs. I know that you will ensure that all goes well.

  8. Rob, this looks better then our phone conversation. When do we start shooting our Nikon D3’s at this great location.

  9. Wow !!!!! This place rocks I think you should have a party for all of us to see the amazing brick work and some of that great loft living life style you will be living !!!!! Congrats

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