Old Town Pasadena & Pasadena City Hall Engagement Session

When a client selects me as their wedding photographer, the process typically starts with the bride finding me through a search engine, a wedding directory, or through a referral.

For this couple, it was the other way around! Back in November 2008 I was approached by CBS. They wanted to film an episode of CSI: Miami in my studio. And that filming eventually lead me to Lindsay. You see, Lindsay has a blog called iamnotastalker.com. On that blog she shares adventure stories about film and TV locations.

Anyway, after my CSI episode aired, my studio was featured on one of her blog posts. A few months later, I was surfing the Internet and came across her blog again. This time I noticed she was looking at wedding venues. After reading about her search, I sent her an e-mail offering my services as a wedding photographer–and the rest is history!

For this engagement session Lindsay and Bret met me in Old Town. We were hoping to take advantage of the billboard in front of the old movie theater (we were going to Photoshop in some save the date message) but that didn’t work out because of holiday decorations in the square.

So we moved on to other locations around Old Town . Finally, near the end of our time together, we took a quick drive over to City Hall to finish off the morning. Here are a few of my favorite engagement photos from our session.

Old Town Pasadena - Wedding Photographer
This is the second time I’ve used animation sequences on my blog. I think I’m kind of liking it!
Pasadena City Hall Jumping
Lindsay and Bret were super fun. They REALLY got into their jumping at Pasadena City Hall.
A Bench in the Square in Old Town Pasadena
They were benched.
Pasadena Wedding Photographer
Smoochy smoochy!
An Alley in Old Town Pasadena
Alleyways in Pasadena are fun!
Another Alley Photo in Pasadena
Look at Bret! He’s so big and strong!
Wedding Photographer at Pasadena City Hall
I’d make another bench joke here, but the first one was so lame …
Kissing at Pasadena City Hall
Hey! Watch those hands!

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