Flea Market Finds

Today I spent most of the morning at the Flea Market. Many of my “keeper” photos today came from the book of William and Wendy Horne who were very gracious in allowing me to photography their boxes of toys and games.

Posing Figure
This was an antique version of a posable figure like those you can find in art stores and IKEA. I see it saying formally, “How do you do.”
I loved the bright green of the felt case and the wear and tear on this trumpet.
Scrabble anyone?
This one was too easy. When I got home I noticed that “art” was printed on the left side of the block.
White Dominoes
I should have arranged these so that the numbers equaled 42.
Black Dominoes
I used to have a set of dominoes like these when I was growing up.
I know that these pieces came from two different games. If only I could remember the name.
Another game whose name I don’t know.
Letters and Dice
I used to know someone who said “that’s nutty” all the time. And that might be why I’m partial to this image.
Deluxe Scrabble
I’ve been told these are pieces from the deluxe version of Scrabble.
Chess and Checkers
One of my favorite authors once wrote, “Stop playing chess — the game is checkers.”
Asian Game
I need to find out the name of this game.
Monopoly Houses
I really should have picked out the Monopoly houses that didn’t belong but I didn’t want to wear out my welcome with this vendor.
Monopoly Hotels
Anyone need a hotel?
Snake eyes!
Blue Glass
Did you know that blue is most people’s favorite color?
Plastic Asian Army Men
This made me go on a search to buy a bunch of green Army men. I couldn’t find what I wanted (after about 30 minutes of searching) so I gave up (for now).
I wonder if any of these are casino die? And if anyone’s hopes or dreams were dashed because of them.
Christmas Ornaments
It’s getting near that time of year again!
Hat Pins / Hair Pins
These hair/hat pins were really cool. I wished I had hair or hats.
Booth Ornaments
I asked this vendor if I could photograph these ornaments. After I chatted him up a bit he offered me one for free. I didn’t take him up on the offer.
Wonder Bread Ties
These are bread clips. They keep bread bags closed and the bread fresh. This vendor had purchased a whole pallet of them.
I have no idea what these things were. but I liked the composition.
Green Handles
Green Knobs
Purple Knobs
Purple Knobs
Tennis Shoes
This vendor was very precise in his tennis shoe alignment.

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