Pier & Beach Engagement: Jess & Chris

Jess and Chris worked extra hard to make their engagement session special. They picked great locations, brought tons of cool props, and dressed to impress! It was almost too easy to take some great photos of these guys! We started the day at the pier. Then we moved on to the strand and then finally back to the pier to pick up their bikes. You’ll see more of these guys later this year as I’ll be their wedding photographer in September.

Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California
The engagement session begins at the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California.
Santa Monica Wedding Photographer
Jess and Chris rode their bikes down to meet me at the Santa Monica pier.
Riding Bikes and Holding Hands on the strand in Santa Monica, California
Holding hands while riding a bike is much harder than it looks!
Taking Photos in Santa Monica
Chris had a cameras so Jess brought them to help illustrate their love of photography.
Santa Monica Photographer
I couldn’t decide which camera photo was my favorite so I included both!
Jess and Chris brought their favorite magazines. Jess picked that particular edition because of the George Clooney cover. Personally, I like the photo of Chuck doing a ninja move on the back cover.
Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier
Who is the prize in this relationship?
Green Wall at Pacific Park in Santa Monica
The make such a perfect couple!
Santa Monica Pier
That box Chris was standing on was kind of rickety. I should have had offered him a stunt double.
Santa Monica Wedding Photographer
Silver Wall. Check!
Venice, California
Jess’ shoes were madhotsexy™!
Venice Beach, California
I might be wrong, but I think Jess wanted to give the message that Chris was sometimes full of hot air!
Venice Beach California Wedding Photographer
Green Wall. Check!
Venice Wedding Photographer
Shops open kind of late on the Venice boardwalk.
Venice California Wedding Photographer
These guys are rock stars!
Venice California Wedding Photographer
We found this cute cartoon on the side of an apartment building in Venice, California.
Venice California Wedding Photographer
They went crazy with their tiger claw karate moves. They must have just watched The Last Kingdom on DVD.
Venice California Wedding Photographer
They’re standing against a wall looking unhappy. This is a must have shot for any modern wedding photographer. And yes, there’s a hidden meaning to this caption.
Venice California Wedding Photographer
I’m pointing out Jess’ madhotsexy™ shoes again–but I’m disguising it with this nice photo of Chris!
Venice Boardwalk Photographer
No engagement session is complete without an alcohol advertisement.
Venice, California Photographer
Yellow Wall. Check!
Venice, California Photographer
And now we have a “we’re walking on the beach” photo. Hrrrrm. Now wait a second …
Venice Photographer
So are these porpoises or dolphins? Who can tell?
Santa Monica Pier Wedding Photographer
The porthole under the Santa Monica Pier.
Santa Monica Pier Wedding Photographer
Who would win this race?
Santa Monica Pier Wedding Photographer
We know who’s in the driver’s seat of this relationship!
Santa Monica Pier Wedding Photographer
Cute shoes, cute clothes, cute bikes.

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  1. Rob — We love the photos! The “Prizes” one is probably my fave, though the one of us in the toy car is pretty amazing too. And then the Venice ones of the cartoon and the other painted walls are pretty fabulous. You did a great job! Thank you!

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