WPPI 2010 Album Competition: 2nd Place

These images represent my entry in the 2010 Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) “Non-Event, Informal” category of the album competition.

I was honored with a score of 88. Upon further review by the judges, I was awarded 2nd place in the category. I feel extremely honored by the award and I wish to thank Janine for her patience and perseverance as we created this work.

Album---Double-Mastectomy-01 Album---Double-Mastectomy-02 Album---Double-Mastectomy-03 Album---Double-Mastectomy-04 Album---Double-Mastectomy-05 Album---Double-Mastectomy-06 Album---Double-Mastectomy-07 Album---Double-Mastectomy-08 Album---Double-Mastectomy-09 Album---Double-Mastectomy-10 Album---Double-Mastectomy-11 Album---Double-Mastectomy-12 Album---Double-Mastectomy-13 Album---Double-Mastectomy-14 Album---Double-Mastectomy-15 Album---Double-Mastectomy-16 Album---Double-Mastectomy-17 Album---Double-Mastectomy-18 Album---Double-Mastectomy-19 Album---Double-Mastectomy-20 Album---Double-Mastectomy-21

26 thoughts on “WPPI 2010 Album Competition: 2nd Place”

  1. A friend of mine shared your link with me.
    She looks so beautiful!! Before AND after! Congrats to the both of you for showing your amazing beauty and strength.

  2. This is one of the most powerful essays I’ve ever seen Rob. I don’t know if it was intended or not but the second to last spread, I love how her supporting hand communicates a subtle “f-you” – I think it is a very powerful setup for the punctuated ending spread “she survives” Rockin’ job bro!

  3. This is incredible work, Rob! This is a powerful presentation of a painful reality, not just because of the subject matter, but because in the midst of the pain your art allowed us to also feel the grace, dignity, and strength of a very gutsy lady. Many photographers would have approached this from a clinical standpoint, standing outside and reporting, but you brought yourself and us into personal contact with Janine and her experience, and that is truly art at its finest. I thank you, and Janine, for allowing us to share this experience with you.

  4. Very powerful images Rob. Love the beauty and grace of the B&W images. It had to be very moving to everyone involved. Congratulation on the award!

  5. Powerful, a well handled difficult subject and bold dramatic lighting. Exceedingly well done Rob. And kudos to Janine for choosing to make beauty and art out of pain.

  6. What an amazing woman. I admire her bravery and strength! You can just tell that she is truly an awesome person and you convey this so well through the photos. Bravo!

  7. Rob, as you are aware, I won the category that this was entered in at WPPI… and now seeing your images that are so touching, beautiful and emotional, I am floored once again. This album is stunning, provocative and evocative and just sublime. I am in awe that you didn’t win the category.
    Congratulations on capturing something so truly beautiful and Janine is a superstar.

  8. Very dramatic and moving photography. Good idea to do it in black and white; I think it wouldn’t have had the same impact in color.

  9. This photo series in unbelievable Rob! Congrats. It is so inspiring. I think it is amazing that the couple wanted to document this difficult time and chose to use it to empower themselves rather than be defeated by the struggle. Kudos to them and kudos to them. It must feel amazing to know you were a part of their recovery. You captured it all so well. I could go on and on. Be proud Rob.

  10. Very beautiful work! Very powerful!
    The lighting, the whole mood in the photos. I am kind of disturbed about her loneliness in the “after” photos.

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