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This is the second spread in a series of three and feature "part three" in a sequence of basic poses.

I often employ these poses when I'm photographing weddings or engagement sessions. The unusual aspect of this photograph is that I "moved" the couple to center them in the middle of the two-page album spread.

First, by positioning the couple in the center of the frame, that implies movement given their position on the previous spread. And that simple position change implies movement which in turn implies moving forward in the story of their engagement session.

This movement helps viewers understand that they are seeing a story instead of two simple photographs featuring subjects standing in the same position on the same wall. In fact the couple did not move at all.

The wall present in the original photograph was expanded in Photoshop to achieve a more expansive view of this area of the engagement session location. Part of my job as a wedding photographer is to use not only my skills as a camera operator, but to also showcase my skills as a retoucher and compositer.