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Conceptual Houston Engagement Photos

This photograph is one that I commonly capture at both engagement sessions and weddings.

It's a fun way to see a couple differently. The foundation behind the concept presented in this photograph is not new. For me, the idea for this image came from Kilroy graffiti.

Kilroy was an American popular culture icon that was popular during World War II and was typically expressed in graffiti featuring only the eyes and prominent nose of bald-headed man looking over a wall with the fingers from each hand clutching the wall. From that simple concept came the foundation for this engagement photograph.

When the subjects' height are nearly the same, I have the tallest person in the couple bend their knees until they are the same height. Some of my wedding couples have extreme height disparity and in those cases I actually emphasize that by only showing the eyes and nose of the shorter individual and the full chest and head of the taller individual.

In that way I embrace the diversity of the couple. For this engagement session photograph, I find the most striking element to be her insanely blue eyes. That being said, I do admit to emphasizing them a bit in Photoshop.