Engagement Pictures: Popcorn Prop
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Engagement Pictures: Popcorn Prop

As this engagement session album move towards its conclusion, I return to the original popcorn theme present at the start of this story.

She is a professional actress and so I simply gave her direction to hold the popcorn container up, hold a piece of popcorn, and look like she was afraid. I also had her look slightly above my head to intimate that she was looking at a movie screen.

He is present in the original photograph but I removed him from the image using Adobe Photoshop. Removing him from the scene serves to put the focus entirely on her. Also, as you'll see from the last spread in this album, his sudden appearance ads an element of surprise and drama that serves as a great conclusion to the story.

Although this photograph is incredibly simple, I think it's interesting how with just a few visual elements, viewers are immediately aware that Kirstin is looking at a scary scene from a movie or television show.