Engagement Session Details: Shoes
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Engagement Session Details: Shoes

This waist down photograph of the couple is meant to showcase the effort they put into their engagement session styling.

This is also the only photograph from the album that shows their stylish shoes present at the engagement session location.

The placement of her left leg was quite intentional. The bend of her knee draws one's eye and make the image more fluid. It also serves as a fashion statement drawing attention to her shoes. Additionally, the position of her lower leg creates a pleasing diagonal which is often commented on by professional photographers.

In photography, a diagonal line helps move the viewer's eye through the photograph, drawing attention to the points of intersection, and providing a sense of dynamic movement.

After having had time to reflect on this engagement photograph at my leisure, I wish that I had pulled down his right jacket sleeve to help his jacket cover more of his sleeve cuff. The original photograph was not so wide and about 30% of the floor seen in this photograph was manufactured in Photoshop.