Fun Houston Engagement Session Photo
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Fun Houston Engagement Session Photo

This final spread in the "groucho glasses" series is the only album photograph that shows the bride and groom kissing.

And if we're being technically accurate, they are really only almost kissing since the noses on their disguises prevent them from getting close enough to actually touch lips. This is the "part four" in the four part sequence of poses that I've developed after over ten years as a professional wedding photographer.

Although the poses aren't complicated or even particularly remarkable, they are very quick to execute photographically and are great additions to any wedding album or engagement session photo collection.

As I mentioned in the previous photographs from this three-part series, when this image is viewed individually, it's a well-lit, but mundane portrait of an engaged couple. However, when viewed as part of a sequence, it serves to further the story by implying movement since the subjects have moved across the spread and are seen to the right side of the photograph.