Playful Engagement Session
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Playful Engagement Session

This second photograph from a series of three concluding images leading to the finale for this engagement album.

In the previous album photo, I asked her to look scared. In this photograph, I asked her to view her movie and look very scared as well as a little bit disgusted. Her deep eye squint and furrowed forehead really serve to emphasize her feigned fear.

As was the case in the previous image, he was in the original photograph but I removed him using Photoshop. Part of that removal process involved rebuilding the wall behind him; the tan stucco make that retouching process relatively easy.

You may also notice a slight difference between her hand position in this image and the previous photograph. In the previous photograph, her hand was outside of the popcorn container while in this image her hand appears to be inside the container.

That subtle difference is yet another visual indicator that moves the storytelling along in the album.