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This photograph represents a photographic follow-on to the previous image in this engagement session album.

If you look closely, you'll see that the popcorn flying through the air is slightly blurry which helps establish the genuine nature of her throw. Her right hand is also blurry which also contributes to this movement effect.

To make this photograph, I set my camera to continuous high speed which results in about 10 photos per second. If I remember correctly, we created this image with only one take and he actually caught the popcorn in his open mouth.

One of the frames from this series of images actually shows the popcorn entering his mouth. I didn't include that "final" image in this sequence because it wasn't necessary in order to tell the story that the popcorn was flying into his mouth.

When designing engagement albums, I typically follow the mantra that it's better to tell a story with one photo instead of two. If the story can't be told with one photo, only then should two photographs be used. Likewise, if two photos can't tell the story, then attempt to tell the story with only three photos.

In other words, use only the photos you need to complete the story—never more and never less. My strong belief is that fewer photographs make for stronger storytelling.