The All Terrain Armored Transport AT-AT
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The All Terrain Armored Transport AT-AT

The AT-AT in the foreground of this image appears in Star Wars: Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) and Star Wars: Episode VI (Return of the Jedi).

In the films, the AT-AT (aka walker) is an armored combat vehicle that stands over 60 feet tall and has blast-impervious plating. The AT-AT featured in this image is a toy from Hasbro and is the largest action figure AT-AT ever made, measuring over 2-feet tall and 2-feet long. The toy even has articulating legs and cannons that light up and make sounds effects from the Star Wars films.

Although an AT-AT doesn't appear in the Clone Wars animated series, I took some creative liberties and included it here in the interest of tying the Star Wars universe more closely together and offering an easily recognizable feature from the Star Wars series.

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