Engaged Couple Laughter
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Engaged Couple Laughter

People love to laugh—especially in Houston, Texas. Photographing couples reacting naturally creates candid storytelling moments.

Evoking your genuine laughter is easy—because my jokes are terrible. And terrible jokes are awesome. Here are some favorites:

The Houston Astros almost caught COVID but they didn't because they saw the signs.

Someone who proposes in the Houston rain is called Wet-knee Houston.

When a Houston reporter asked someone how many churches were open during the last hurricane, they replied, "I don't know, I eat at KFC."

After hurricanes, every Houston bar is a dive bar.

I wanted to tell a Houston joke, but I didn't want to be flooded with complaints.

I don't understand why everyone hates Houston when every few years, everybody gets a free swimming pool.

He that is of a merry heart has a continual feast. — Proverbs 15:15