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Photographer Workshop: SEO

The SEO Workshop for Photographers offers you a deep-dive search engine optimization education.

2023 Workshop Info

Remote Skype Workshop
2-Day Workshop - $1000
Next Dates: Wednesday, January 11 & Thursday, January 12, 2023
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Central Time (USA) Both Days
Location: Your Home or Studio


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  • How Search Engines Work
  • Searcher Intent
  • Link Building
  • Creating Content
  • Keywords & Keyword Research
  • Composing Titles
  • Meta Tags
  • Optimizing Images for Search
  • WordPress & Blogging
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Local Search
  • and much, much more!

Skype Details

This workshop is participatory, so I recommend computer cameras and microphones. However, if you don't have that gear and you don't mind missing out on back-and-forth conversation opportunities, that's fine too.

I'll share my screen and you'll view every slide and all the demo materials. My camera will let you see my face, expressions, and interesting t-shirts.

You can ask questions via the chat window. I'll refer to that stream periodically and answer your questions verbally for everyone's benefit.

You'll keep your microphone disabled. However, I'll ask you to turn your microphone on when you join discussions, when I clarify questions, or when you share exercise content with the group.

You'll need decent download speeds. If you have an unreliable Internet connection, you shouldn't sign up for this workshop.

I ask that you be the only person watching your screen. If you want to include more than one person at your location, let me know and I'll provide you with a discounted rate for a 2nd (or 3rd) person.



All workshop events start and end on time. Please be punctual and respect your fellow attendees. I always start on time so if you arrive late, you'll miss content.

The workshop begins each day at 9:00 AM and concludes at 5:00 PM. I might extend the workshop hours past 5:00 PM when my energy permit and everyone agrees to keep going.

There will be a lunch break and occasional 5-minute comfort breaks. Lunch breaks typically last about 40 minutes.


Learning Objectives

After this workshop, you’ll understand both basic and advanced search engine optimization techniques. You can use those techniques to improve your ongoing website marketing efforts. Additionally, you’ll be able to prepare optimized consumable content for both visitors and search engines.

Acting on the information shared in this workshop will help your website appear in the prominent and coveted search engine positions. After this workshop, you’ll also be able to distinguish between valid SEO techniques and harmful myths.

TEACH ME OBI-WAN this is the SEO workshop you've been looking for


I hold myself to the standard that every workshop I present must be better than my last. If you’re a returning alumnus, I hope you find value in that standard. If you’re a new attendee, that means that you’ll always be experiencing the best I can offer.

To make sure that my content is always better, I add content or revise existing content almost every single day. Perhaps that’s why I have 4500+ slides in my PowerPoint deck.

My workshops are fast-paced and without the fluff. Some slides are “do this right now” while other slides are “let’s talk about this concept” and yet other slides are funny and that helps break up the rich content.

To keep my workshops on track, I limit attendee questions to designated question and answer periods. And there’s a good reason that I hold questions until those designated periods.

If you’ve attended other workshops, I’m sure you’ve seen classes hijacked by one or two understandably enthusiastic attendees. To prevent this issue, I deliver substantial content consumable by everyone and then work to clarify that content multiple times per day.

During the question and answer periods, we’ll interact in a supportive environment that encourages every question. In cases where a question is best answered later, I may defer answering that specific question.

Who Should Take This Workshop

This workshop is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographers. For SEO virgins, you’ll leave the class knowing more about this “mysterious art” than most of your local peers.

For photographers who’ve been doing SEO for years, you’ll leave with new actionable tactics you can implement immediately. For everybody else, your mind will be blown.

Do You Want To ...

Are you wondering if my workshop is right for you? Can you answer “yes” to any of these questions? Would you like to:

  • Rank higher on search engines.
  • Make more money.
  • Create better, more optimized content.
  • Take your SEO skills to the highest level.
  • Understand how your visitors think.
  • Get more traffic to your website.
  • Convert visitors to clients.
  • Become an SEO expert.
  • Improve everything about your website.

My Promise

If you register for my workshop, I promise that:

  • I won’t try to sell you stuff.
  • When the workshop is over, you’ll feel like you underpaid.
  • I won't let other students hijack my class.
  • My presentation will be well-organized and thorough.
  • I don't use complicated, hard-to-remember jargon.
  • You’ll be provided with actionable tasks you can apply immediately.
  • I'll share everything I know about SEO and won't hold anything back.
  • I’ve been in business since 2004 and use the techniques I teach to help generate a 6-figure income from photography alone.

BE THE BOMB dominate your competition

My Qualifications

I’ve been building websites and web-based applications professionally since 1995. I’ve also owned and sold successful dotcoms and as Managing Director of E-commerce for a large professional consultancy, I’ve helped build websites for major brands like Walmart, Dillards, AOL, Conoco, Schlumberger, NASA, and for hundreds of smaller businesses.

I’m also the founder of Good Gallery— a company that provides the most advanced SEO website platform in the world for thousands of photographers just like you. I work with those photographers daily and I understand their pain.

Tangible proof of my skill is also available online. My studio is on the first page of Google for many of the most competitive photography-related keywords including houston photographer, houston portrait photographer, houston event photographer, and houston product photographer. And before I moved to Houston, I owned those same keyword phrases in Los Angeles.

I’ve also taught SEO platform classes at NYC’s PhotoPlus in 2014, 2015 & 2016, WPPI Vegas in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022, PPA’s Imaging USA 2018, National Association of Professional Child Photographers Retreat 2017, Mystic, the I Am Photographer Festival in Tallinn, Estonia, and online via The Wedding School, Jerry Ghionis Education, and Sue Bryce Education.

In addition to my experience speaking to photographers, my background in education relates directly to my workshops. Early in my career, I spent several years teaching college-level English composition. This real-life teaching experience helps ensure that you’re being presented with valuable materials by an experienced educator.

As an added benefit, my degrees in English and related skills play directly to one of the most important aspects of SEO—content creation. I can teach you those skills.

In terms of helping you with your website portfolio, I have been recognized with 50+ awards from Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) including four 1st place, three 2nd place, and three 3rd place trophies. I have also been awarded the title Double Master of WPPI.

I've also served as a six-time print competition judge at the WPPI Annual 16x20 Print, Album, and Filmmaking Competition in Las Vegas. Additionally, he has twice judged the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) International Image Competition and has also judged at the European I Am Photographer Festival.

YOU CONVINCED ME 3, 2, 1, blast off

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? I have answers.

This workshop is more comprehensive than any class I've taught online or at any conference. In my appearances at WPPI, PhotoPlus, Imaging USA, or at other events, I only speak for 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or two hours. During those classes, I share a ton of information, but that’s only a fraction of what you’ll learn if you attend one of my workshops.

There are some pieces of information shared in both my public appearances and at workshops. However, my workshop information expands on the basic concepts revealing exclusive tips, strategies, and tactics that I don’t share anywhere else.
Lots of people are doing SEO badly. But if you take my workshop, learn how to do SEO correctly, retain the information I share, and spend time doing the work, then you’ll do better online than almost every other photographer in your market—unless those other photographers have taken my workshop too.
You don't need a Good Gallery website. You can apply this SEO information to any website platform or WordPress blog.
Video or audio recording is prohibited. However, I'll give you some extra tools that will supplement your notes and memory.
This content in this workshop is for photographers. However, if you’re a wedding planner, florist, or similar wedding vendor and you promote your business with images, 95% of what I share applies to your business. Please contact me if you need help in figuring out if you should attend.
This workshop is for all photographers. However, some specialties are targeted. Those specialties include wedding photographers, event photographers, and portrait photographers.
My entire presentation deck includes 4,500+ slides. But don’t let that number freak you out. I promise we won’t cover more than 2,000 slides during our 2 days together.
This workshop content is geared toward photographers. You can take the actionable information I share and apply it immediately. And there isn’t an SEO expert in the world with my qualifications who does a better job teaching photographer SEO.
I add presentation content almost daily. And I revise entire sections as SEO rules change. I guarantee that you'll leave my workshop thinking that it was the most organized and comprehensive workshop you’ve ever attended.

Workshop vs Outsourcing

Even if you outsource your SEO, you should learn SEO. Here’s why your own SEO knowledge is important even if someone else helps you.

  • If you don’t understand SEO, then you don’t know if the person helping you is doing the right thing. And if they do the wrong thing, that can harm your rankings.
  • If you learn SEO, you can wisely choose your outsourcing. You shouldn’t outsource tasks you can easily do yourself.
  • Nobody knows your business like you know your business. You know your ideal marketing strategy, but tactical moves by outsourced professionals may not always align with your strategic goals.
  • Locally focused SEO marketing is geographically targeted. Hired SEO specialists seldom understand your market or the nuanced content requirements. Your SEO knowledge can provide balance for their work.
  • SEO prioritization means you can define what you think is most important. If you leave that to SEO professionals, they’ll often focus on what’s easiest or most profitable. You need knowledge so you can prioritize work.
  • Understanding and targeting ideal keywords means you must have deep market-position knowledge of your region and your brand. Few outsourced professionals will have that prerequisite.
  • SEO services define their own successes. However, without SEO education, you can’t understand if their definitions are valid.
  • When you learn SEO, you better understand research, tasks, and success metrics. If you don't understand those things, you can't accurately verify outsoucing time estimates or results.
  • Nobody will work harder on your business than you'll work on your business. So you should know how to work on your business.

Testimonials / Reviews

Here you'll find non-paid endorsements and testimonials from real workshop students. And these folks are photographers—just like you.

"Without hesitation, I'd recommend this workshop to anyone, even if you think you already understand SEO. Rob stays up-to-date on the ever-changing rules of the game and weeds through all the BS out there so we don't have to. That's worth it alone. The workshop is interactive but not annoying; fast-paced but not overwhelming. The insights can be implemented immediately. I'm not sure how he does it, but Rob somehow makes an otherwise boring technical topic fascinating and, dare I say, fun." — Carsten Tice of Carsten Tice Photography
"I have just completed the Rob Greer SEO Workshop. I have done lots of training, some good, some not so. Robs was fabulous. Rob has squeezed a ton of SEO information into his workshop. He gives you the facts, the techniques, and the strategies. What was remarkable was the way in which it was presented. Lots of information, yet somehow I never felt like I was drowning. If you are taking part outside of the US I highly recommend not doing anything else the same day. You need to be fresh and alert. I am so glad you get the slides afterwards. The notes I made would not have been enough on their own. Would I recommend this workshop? Without hesitation." — Peter Nutkins of Nutkins UK Commercial Photography
"Rob's workshop really hit home. Great insight, lots of info. Perfect presentation. The force is with Rob!" — Karsten of Portraitfotograf Berlin
"This was my second time taking Rob’s workshop but it won’t be my last. The information in this workshop in invaluable in my SEO and content development. Rob teaches it in a way that makes learning fun and engaging. 10/10 recommend." — Elisha Kaldahl of ElishaKphoto
"Rob is a no BS guy, and so he is just like the SEO he teaches about - no fluff. He showed us all real life, REAL TIME examples of what he was teaching, and this was hugely helpful. This workshop was two, 8-hour days, and damn did it go fast. Again - no fluff. Rob broke everything down in manageable steps, and said things like "DO. THIS. NOW". I needed that. I've taken Rob's class before, and it gets better every time. I have a new website and it's like I'm starting from scratch. After 2 days of intense SEO work, I am FULLY equipped to get my, pretty naked website, beefed up! Thank you Rob! See you next time for a third round! " — Aniya Emtage Legnaro of Aniya Emtage Photography
"Rob’s SEO Workshop is a must for anyone who has a website. I’ve seen him speak several times and was able to climb from page 10+ to page 5 from the nuggets of info I received at those short 90-minute events. I can’t wait to see the results once I implement the changes from the information included in this two-day workshop. I’m hoping it will net me enough income so I can take this workshop again next year." — Nichole Lively of Nichole Lively Photography
There is so much to know and keep up with regarding SEO, but this course was great in breaking down the nitty gritty of what is important. The course was well organized, easy to follow and insightful. Rob is clearly an expert in both the photography and SEO world, which is invaluable. I have about 14 pages of notes, resources and to-dos to get me in a better place with my own photography company. I'm sure I will be taking this course every few years to stay on top of my SEO game. — Jenn, Ginger Jenn Photography
After taking the workshop, I immediately removed a few terms from our website. Loved learning about the importance of backlinks and how to better position our business to rank for certain keywords in my area. Rob also stressed the importance of going above what the average photographer would put on their page to inform users about their services. I would recommend this to anyone looking to learn more about SEO. — Tanekwa, Class & Style Productions
I could lay on the praise and gratitude for Rob Greer and his willingness to share his knowledge, and I have; this is not the first time I have taken this workshop. The reviews are all here; you can read over and over how Rob’s SEO workshop is one of the most important things anyone can do for their business. How it has blown photographers’ minds and how it has the best ROI and value. These reviews are intensely passionate, and for good reason. Before starting my photography business, I worked in healthcare administration. To keep my license current, I needed 40 program-approved CEUs, (Continuing Education Units) every two years. All healthcare professionals are required to complete their specific CEU requirements, as well, as many other professions, i.e., accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers, pilots, and teachers. The primary purpose is to formally document education, improve skills, and stay current with new laws, technology, and regulations. As a business owner, I have continued to prioritize education. And, while I do not need to formally document my business education; I, without a doubt or any hesitation, need to continuously improve my skills, expand my knowledge, and stay current with new laws, technology, and regulations. How is a business workshop any different? Improving my business and my knowledge is the ultimate goal whether you classify it as a workshop, class, or CEUs, because ‘you don’t know what you don’t know.’ I have just spent 15 hours over the last two days glued to Rob’s every word, in wrapped attention. That is 0.17% of the 8760 hours I have this year, and probably the most important. Things will change. Things will evolve. Will your business be covered and ready when they do? — Debbie Labrot, Lily Rose Photography
I had the pleasure of taking Rob Greer's SEO workshop this past week! It is a fully comprehensive SEO course for photographers of all genres. He did a really great job of painting the SEO landscape in a way that made sense to the creative entrepreneur. I walked away with a ton of useful nuggets of information and a whole laundry list of actionable to do items! After taking this course, I'm feeling inspired and motivated to do all the things that need to be done to take our company's SEO to the next level! I'd highly recommend Rob's course to all creatives looking to get a thorough understanding of SEO for their business! — Jaimie Dee, Jaimie Dee Photography
I took Rob’s class in July 2022. I am building my website from scratch with a new domain and needed all the help I can get. Rob was very honest from the beginning that seo is hard work. He pointed out the highest ranking factors so we can put all our efforts in the right directions. I was very happy with the class and would be take it again in the future to keep my seo knowledge current. — Zeynep, Portraits by Z
"I'm self-taught at SEO, meaning I googled everything and got hundreds of bits of random (and questionable) knowledge throughout my time working on my website. Rob's workshop was exactly what I needed – a complete narrative of how SEO works. It helped me tie together everything I already knew, gave me tons of knowledge I did not know, and dispelled many myths I presumed to be true." — Stanley Wu Photography
"I cannot recommend Rob's SEO class highly enough. The amount of current, actionable information and up-to-date explanations of how Google works was truly impressive. His style of teaching is fast-paced, fun, and always relevant. By putting into practice some of Rob's most simple strategies, I saw an immediate increase in my ranking across multiple keywords. I have zero doubt that by following the methods taught here I will reach my SEO goals and dramatically increase business leads. Thanks Rob!" — Matt Stagliano, Stonetree Creative
"I really enjoyed Rob's workshop and am glad I made this investment in my business. Every minute of the 2-day class was jam-packed with info, and I left with not only an excellent general knowledge of SEO but a huge list of actionable items to implement right away. There were a few small changes I could already make on the first evening of the class that made me feel like I had already accomplished something useful. I loved that it was an intimate group and it was interactive, so we could ask questions and discuss topics. This class is 100% worth the money and you will not regret it!" — Morgan O'Neil
"Rob's SEO workshop is absolutely invaluable! There is so much bad and conflicting information on SEO out there, so I appreciated being able to learn good SEO from someone that has credibility. Rob's methods are effective and led to a ~30 point rise in my site's ranking after just the first day of the workshop! I registered for this workshop based only on the recommendation from a friend, and I am glad that I did!" — Brian Dow, Signature Headshots Orlando
"Exhaustive, fun, and full of actionable information! This two-day workshop led by SEO expert Rob Greer is the best investment I have made this year for my studio. I look forward to ranking first in my local listings!" — Taylor-Roman Photography
"SEO is, for most of us as photographers, a topic that we tend to see as scary and complex or something that you probably think is not relevant regarding your business is safe with social media. Or even worst, we tend to focus our resources on new gear or learning new techniques to improve our craft. But guess what, you are wrong!!! Yes, those are important in terms of our professional growth but leaving the SEO in secondary or third place is not a good idea. If you want to grow your business, have a better web presence, increase your web traffic, and convert to more leads and sales, you definitely have to take this workshop. I will not lie to you; yes, there is no magic formula regarding SEO to position yourself on top. But after taking this workshop, if you want to really make the most out of it, you may need to invest time on a week-to-week basis on content creation consistently. But don´t worry, Rob got you covered, and now you will feel more confident and more accurate on how to do it, and it is going to really be worth the time investment in the long run. What I liked most about Rob´s workshop was how simple and entertaining he explained all topics. In addition, he takes the time to answer your questions, push your boundaries to break your fears with practical exercises, and give you excellent feedback on some of the most relevant things regarding your website. At the end of it, you will discover the potential of your business if you put into practice what he taught." — Mauricio Ureña
"I loved that the workshop was simplified but extremely cognitive. Rob put many pop-culture references in the presentation to help break up the intense amount of information presented. Day one was an overview of SEO, and I was surprised by how much I understood. On day two, I received the most knowledge. If you're not a good writer or you hate writing, this workshop is for you. The amount of information presented on day two was well worth the workshop fee. I look forward to retaking this workshop in the future!" — Sharon Wheaton
"I attended Rob Greer's online workshop and it was amazing! I first met Rob at WPPI in Las Vegas a few years ago. His platform classes were always the highlight of the WPPi conference and was one of the reasons I went there every year. Rob always shared so many useful tips, SEO updates, new ranking factors and the little details that really helped to keep my website on the first page of Google. I was so happy with the results, that my ranking was so stable. I literally did nothing for a long time and my website still showed high in Google. So, I relaxed and focused on the creative side of my business. Lately, I've noticed that my competitors started doing some SEO and pushed me on the second page of Google. I was really looking forward to the WPPI this year to get some updates from Rob. But, when he announced that he is not going to WPPI and canceled his class due to the current Covid situation, I decided that I will not go to WPPI this year and better spend my money on his online workshop. And this was the best decision ever!!! Rob is extremely organized. I love his attention to detail and his sense of humor, which makes the learning process easy and enjoyable. His workshop is jam packed with useful information, including current (last week) updates from Google!!! I spent two days soaking up all the priceless information he shared and I am forever grateful! I totally feel I underpaid for this workshop. If you are on the fence about taking his workshop, just do it!!!" — Svetlana Aleynikova of ABL Photography
"Let me begin by saying that I was impressed with Rob Greer's two-day SEO Workshop, and it was a positive experience. He offered relevant and helpful information. I am confident that once I implement the suggested recommendations, our business is going to grow. Our experience with Rob and his businesses has been a positive one. Our brand and studio started growing when we launched our website several years ago under the Good Gallery platform. A one-on-one consultation with Rob proved to be beneficial. He was more than generous with his time and knowledge. As a result, we saw an increase in inquiries and bookings. As for the two-day workshop, the experience was gratifying. SEO is complex and ever-changing. Rob breaks down SEO and thoroughly explains the subject clearly and concisely. The workshop made me realize our potential and that our website needed much improvement to compete in a growing industry. Rob took the time to answer every question thoroughly. He made sure that everyone understood every detail and explanation. Above all the SEO information he provided, Rob shared his personal experiences that helped me realize our business's potential. Rob wants everyone to succeed. Trust and value in what a person has to offer are essential. Over time, Rob has reinforced that level of trust, and I honestly can say that value is abundant in his training. Attending the workshop is a no-brainer, and the investment is well worth taking if you want your business and website to succeed. We look forward to growing our studio and taking it to the next level. Thank you, Rob, for sharing your SEO knowledge and the good laughs along the way!" — Eddie Moreno
"This was the most important thing I could do for my business this year! Rob shares practical SEO information in a way that is fun and engaging. I’m sure that I will be a repeat student!" — Elisha Kaldahl
"I’ve worked with Rob over the last couple years one on one and received great assistance. Rob indicated it was time if I wanted to continue to elevate in my market to take his workshop. I held off reluctantly and glad I took it finally. The amount of resources and information provided will allow me to implement and move away from using my agency that I am currently using to handle my SEO. One of the best investments this year!" — Duane Furlong
"SEO is daunting, there are no two ways about it. It’s intimidating, exhausting, and a seemingly enormous mountain to climb. Rob will equip you with all the tools you need to take that journey…and more. Throughout the two days of the workshop he’ll answer all of your questions, provide you with exercises to strengthen the skills you’re learning, and deliver an extraordinary amount of helpful information in a concise, precise way. This workshop has been so transformational for me and my business that I have taken it FOUR TIMES. FOUR. Take it from me…sign up now." — Susan Stripling of Susan Stripling Photography
"Rob's SEO workshop is undoubtedly the best investment I've made in growing my business. The information Rob covers over a few days is presented in an understandable, concise and often humorous format. Besides giving an understanding of how search engines work, Rob includes actionable steps for improving your site. I know I'll be digging in and implementing the tools I now have for months. You'll leave this workshop feeling excited about the potential to grow your business that you never knew was possible." — Courtney McManaway of Courtney McManaway Photography
"For me, I saw the word SEO and I though "See (the word) Exit (the idea from my head) and run Out and away from the conversation as soon as possible. SEO? Backlinks? Metadata? Oh hell no. This was NOT for me. I always thought that this SEO thing was for the computer nerds, of which I am not. Enter Rob. For years I had seen others talking about the magic he created from the SEO wand he waved over everyone who took his workshop. I listened enviously to those who had those light bulbs go off, who's brains were blown and who finally understood this SEO thing from Rob. It was always a stretch for me to fly to Los Angeles where he hosted the workshops, so I put it off: Next year. Meanwhile, my website was suffering. When Rob opened up the Skype workshop I jumped on it faster than anything I'd ever done before. I knew this was going to be the single BEST investment into my business I had ever made, apart from my cameras! (Yes, this workshop IS as, or even MORE important than my cameras!) Rob did not disappoint. From Day 1 at 9 AM sharp until 6:30 PM on Day 2, the knowledge was poured on. Rob didn't talk to us like minions, he guided us like Yoda ;-) Rob taught us gold - how to create meaningful content, the power of words and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Let me not fluff this up anymore. You need this workshop. I don't care where you are in your business. You need Rob, and you need SEO is a Stone Cold Bitch. If you don't do it, you are really sabotaging your business. Yes, I feel that strongly about it." — Aniya Legnaro of Life Photography by Aniya
"Rob Greer is bar-none, the most knowledgeable person you can access on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) today and since you're here reading this review, it's clear you need to take his workshop. Despite listening to Rob Greer speak about SEO several times in the past three years and knowing that he's a subject matter expert, my workshop attendees and I were completely blown away by the depth and breadth of his knowledge in this workshop, you will too!. Rob makes the complex and intricate world of SEO incredibly easy to understand and provides you with immediate action steps you can take to get your website working more effectively for you. Rob's workshop is one of the best investments you can make in your business - it certainly has been for me!" — Morayo Sayles of Piper Brown Photography
"Rob is extremely knowledgeable about website optimization and he presented his material in a way that was easy to understand and process. There were breakout moments where we could brainstorm specific articles, headlines, and data that we could then directly apply to our websites in the moment. I felt like it was a huge amount of information, but I also came away feeling empowered with actual steps I can take on my website that will have positive returns for my business. Since the workshop only two weeks ago, I've implemented several key things and added articles to my site. I'm getting 2-3 inquires a day on average and having more people sign up for my newsletter than ever before. I can only assume it's due to key changes I've made, and I can't wait to continue to add from my list to make my site more google and user friendly." — Jennifer Jackson of Jennifer Lynn Photography
"Rob is an excellent instructor. This was my second time seeing him speak, and my first attending his two day workshop. In addition to building the best platform for photographers to show off their work, this workshop helps you to understand why your competitors are ranking better than you as well as give you the tools that you need to outperform them. I couldn't recommend it highly enough for anyone starting their business in any industry." — Michael Anthony of Michael Anthony Photography
"Rob did a great job making the rather broad and complicated topic of SEO relatively easy to understand. I came away with a mountain of actionable information that ranged from simple things I can do right now to things that are going to take days to strategize and years to execute. In the 72 hours following the workshop, our website jumped from position 17 to 9 for one of our most important keyword phrases just by taking care of the list of simple things that I could do in a short amount of time. " — James Nisly of Genevieve Nisly Photography
"Rob's workshop is the best investment I have ever made in a professional course or workshop. There is an amazing amount of information taught over two days, and Rob lays a foundation for the material that makes it cohesive and easy to understand. From a practical perspective, he perfectly balances the "why" with the "how," and I left feeling confident that I can implement everything I learned. As a small business owner, I need every dollar I invest in my education to DO something valuable for my business. This workshop is the very definition of value; thanks to this course, I now have a sustainable and cost-effective model for marketing my business. Thank you, Rob!" — Teresa Johnson of Teresa Johnson Photography
"When Rob Greer offered his SEO class in Los Angeles, I jumped on the opportunity. As expected, the 2-day workshop was jam-packed with resources and insights into his methods for ranking on the first page of Google. As a novice in the SEO game, I understood the basics and learned many new skills to add to my marketing arsenal. I highly recommend this workshop for people who want to be super competitive in their field (not just photographers)." — Sherri Johnson of Sherri J Photography
"After 12 years of taking a shotgun approach to my website and SEO with limited returns, it was well beyond time to find some focus and work towards meaningful results. Rob's class is the ultimate solution to this problem. Over the course of two days he taught us not only exactly what we should be doing for SEO, but why, where, when, and how. And while he presented a huge amount of information, he did so in a way that made it easy to retain (and even, dare I say, fun?). Google is impenetrable, but Rob does an amazing job of peeling back the curtain. I left the workshop totally energized and excited to spend dozens of hours working on my website. How many workshops can make that claim?" — Justin Elledge of Max Photography
"Game changer. That’s the best way to describe this class. The last several years were full of floundering: I wasn’t sure how to generate inquires or cement an online presence for my business. I’d heard that SEO would make all the difference but had zero clue where to start. The only thing I knew for sure was that I knew nothing, much like hapless John Snow. I honestly wasn’t sure I was even capable of killer SEO prior to attending this workshop but, Rob laid everything out in such a clear, accessible way that I left feeling incredibly confident. He took the complicated, daunting beast of SEO and packaged it into tiny, sensible bites and served it with a smile - along with tons of jokes and antidotes. I was thoroughly educated and delightfully entertained. This workshop holds all the keys to succeed in business – way more than I imagined possible, especially for the low price point. Rob seeks out every scrap of SEO data and news he can find and his tireless effort and diligence are overwhelmingly evident; he is truly an SEO expert. My only regret is not investing in this experience years ago." — Melody Stevenson of Melodic View Photography
"I was hesitant to sign up for the workshop due to the fact that I'm completely an idiot when it comes to SEO. For years, I let my SEO just kind of be. I finally made the decision to attend the workshop, and I can't believe I waited this long. The information was informative, in depth, and made so much sense. Yes, by the end of the first day, my brain was mush and literally hurt. But I can say, though I know I have a but load of work to do on my site, that Rob has set the path to know how to do so, unlike others before. I cannot thank him enough, and will be taking this workshop again with my husband to be even on a deeper level with SEO!" — Dana Todd of The Todds
"I've seen Rob speak on SEO through other educational platforms, and he always says that his workshop has much more content - and he isn't lying. I had thought I'd learned quite a bit before, but I wasn't prepared for the onslaught of SEO education he gave us over the two-day workshop. Rob shared SO MUCH amazing information, tips, resources and help. He updates the content regularly, and answers all and any questions thoroughly during the workshop. No matter what level of your business you're at, you can go home and begin implementing his lessons immediately. I highly recommend Rob's class!!" — Shannon Zastoupil of Shannon Z Photography
"I've been in and around educators throughout the photography industry for some time. Some are great, some not so much. After two days of a Rob Greer SEO workshop, he will now enter my great column. Rob is a straight forward to the facts educator that doesn't tell you what you want to hear but instead what you need to hear to succeed. If you expect to come to this workshop and leave with the one tip that will make your business succeed, you will be disappointed. If you want to leave with hundreds of tips that take effort but will build you a long-lasting, successful business that doesn't really take a lot of money to implement but is certainly work, don't look any further." — Chris Saraiva
"Every day, more people rely on the internet to find the products and services they need, especially young people planning weddings. As photographers, we came to realize that we needed an SEO friendly website if we wanted to be found by our wedding, product, headshots and commercial clients. But the right website is only half the battle. We needed to know what to do to be recognized by Google and placed where our prospective clients could find us. Fortunately we found Good Gallery for our website and Rob Greer, its creator, for training on how to turn our website into a mean, lean, SEO machine! My wife Mirta attended Rob’s 2 day intensive SEO workshop in Pasadena 2 years ago, that got us started transforming our website, and marketing strategy. We saw results soon after that, especially in the product photography area. This week both Mirta and I attended the same workshop again, and there was sooo much new information! You have to keep up with changes in the ways you can use SEO to bring in new clients, and Rob is the guide you need to understand and implement the techniques that will get you there. The workshops are packed with information, but Rob's relaxed teaching style makes the information easy to assimilate. I would recommend Rob Greer’s workshop, a great value, and the Good Gallery to any business person, not limited to the wedding industry, who wants to be competitive and bring in more business." — Joe Barnet of Barnet Photography
"I thought I knew a little about SEO, but boy was I wrong. Rob's seminar opened me up to options from my local market and real-world examples of how to succeed in my ever changing market. As a wedding photographer, I need to have all the tools that make me successful and Rob's SEO is a great way to level-up your skills and knowledge. I have learned more in two days than all of my research on YouTube and other sites. I highly recommend you attend his in person SEO workshop for your business." — Chip Dizard of Chip Dizard Weddings
"Comprehensive: Rob covers a tremendous amount of ground on SEO and websites, and I learned a great deal about strategies that will allow me to build my own website traffic and book more clients. Empowering: I learned techniques that will help enable me to allow potential clients to discover my business, to be seen by more people and to be visually more attractive, helpful and readable. In other words, book more and earn more money in an increasingly competitive market. Interesting: Actually interesting. Fast-paced yes but not so much that I felt I was in over my head and couldn't keep up. Rob presents a wealth of material but in a way that's easy to digest and even funny at times. Our group wanted to keep going even after nine hours! I learned the truth about keywords and meta tags, whether captions under photos really do help and how my photographs should actually be named before uploading. There's a lot of inaccurate information out there, but Rob is the best source if you want the most accurate and up-to-date information. It also helps that the people who take his class are creative and care about their craft. There's a wonderful vibe at his workshops." — Cindy DeSau of Cindy DeSau Photography
"Rob Greer's SEO workshop is mind blowing. The amount of time and effort he puts into building a quality presentation is obvious after 5 seconds, and Rob's engaging teaching style means you never feel like he is droning on. Take the notes, do the work, and watch your business thrive. You won't regret it." — Devon Rowland of Devon Rowland Photography
"Rob’s SEO workshop was incredibly informative! Even as someone with some SEO experience from a past career, I came away with my mind blown. The information was presented in a way that was easy to follow and he was very willing to answer any questions attendees asked. I came away after the second day very excited to revamp my entire website and differentiate myself even further from others in the photography industry. This knowledge is SO valuable. I’ll definitely be recommending his workshop to other business owners I know!" — Nicole Hoffman of Nicole Klym Photography
"I just spent the last two days at Rob Greer's first SEO for Photographers workshop and it was mind blowing. Worth every freaking penny I spent. A lot of people claim to be SEO experts, Rob really is. His brain is filled with so much SEO knowledge it’d make a normal person’s head explode. I’ve done just a little bit of the work and I'm already seeing results. He gave us at least a year's worth of work to improve our websites and rank higher in search results. He's a talented teacher, has a wonderfully dry sense of humor, and he's brutally honest in the best way possible. It’s not just SEO knowledge, as the creator of Good Gallery, he knows how to design websites for simplicity and usability. His website critique alone was worth attending the workshop. If that’s not enough, he throws in the best SEO memes you will ever see during his slideshow presentation. Sign up for his next workshop or hire him for one on one SEO mentoring/consulting if you want the knowledge to take your website to the next level." — Jane Pilkerton of Steve and Jane Photography
"I signed up to attend Rob's SEO Workshop with the anticipation of learning how to take our website to the next level with respect to its search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. I already knew that Rob knows his stuff; after all, I chose to build our website on the platform he created: Good Gallery.However, I wanted to know more about how a little fix here and a little change there could make a difference in how our website ranks on the major search engines. SEO is not something that is set in stone. It's an ever changing, constantly evolving, moving target. Enter a fast paced, two day workshop where there were not enough hours in the day to go through the vast knowledge that Rob brings to the table. He has been studying and perfecting his SEO knowledge for a long time and it shows. He reads multiple articles a day to stay on the front edge of the SEO wave. We learned front to back, left to right, all things SEO. From the tools of the trade to how grammar and reading level of the written content can affect your SEO rankings. Rob was very thorough in his explanations, and provided many real world examples on his own sites and those of others to demonstrate the concepts he was trying to convey. At the end of the second day, when the dust settled and the workshop was over, I felt like I walked away with a game plan and tons of notes (32 pages worth to be exact) to help me take our website to the next level and improve its ranking. I believe that with the knowledge gained from this workshop, I can organically grow our site to achieve the SEO rankings that we desire." — Bryan of April and Bryan Photography
"Now that I have met and experienced Rob Green's workshop it's easy to understand why he's at the top of his profession. I have been studying SEO on my own in order to improve my business but have gone nowhere. I have been unclear on a path to get results but after attending the two day workshop I have an actionable plan that I am certain will drive new business. The SEO workshop for photographers offered great content and Rob made it easy to understand. Thanks for the profits in my future. " — Sam Garcia of WRM Photography
"Although I had hoped to attend anyway, I was lucky enough to win Rob's SEO workshop at WPPI in 2017. I wasn't surprised to learn that even though I'd already heard him speak at least 3 times, there was still so much more to learn about SEO at the 2 day workshop. Rob is the "go to" guy for SEO for a reason - he's absolutely the best at what he does! If you're looking for a way to bring your website to the next level, you must take this workshop. Considering what most companies charge to do SEO for you, having the information to do it yourself, and do it well, is invaluable." — Amanda Lamb of Amanda Lamb Photography
"I recently attended the Rob Greer SEO workshop in Pasadena and I would rate this workshop right up there with the BEST workshops I have ever attended. Rob is a really cool guy with a quirky sense of humor, which I enjoyed. He really explains in easy to understand terms, the way SEO works. So far I have implemented some of the things he taught and I have already seen results. When I create my new Good Gallery website in the next month or two, I know it will help keep me at the top of my local market, especially since Good Gallery is designed for photographers with SEO in mind. If you want to separate yourself from your local competition, you must attend this workshop. Thank you Rob for being the SEO genius you are, I should have attended years ago!" — Manuel Ortega of Manuel Ortega Photography
"Rob Greer’s SEO workshop is incredible! It will change your world, and be one of the most important things you can do for your business. When you are ready, really ready to take action, Rob Greer’s SEO Workshop for Photographers is an absolute MUST! There are hundreds of things one could fill their time with; but, at the end of the day, being found by your clients is key to surviving, and key to a successful business. Proper SEO techniques will set you apart from your competition, and this is precisely the knowledge Rob will impart. Brilliant does not even come close to describing Rob’s expertise! “SEO may be a stone-cold bitch”; but, Rob has her crying in the corner like the fickle little girl she is- and you can too!" — Debbie Labrot of Lily Rose Photography
"Rob's workshop was worth its weight in gold the first hour in. Owning a Good Gallery site and now learning even more about SEO and rankings has really opened my eyes to how I can improve my rankings and market to the couples I want. There are literally tons of "golden nuggets" of information throughout the workshop. I have never been to a workshop that has given me so much valuable information I can take and start applying immediately. Thank you, Rob, you have set me on the right path in helping me build my SEO empire." — AL Gawlik of AL Gawlik Photography
"Two days of SEO training with Rob Greer is a lot like drinking SEO from a fire hose...only he makes it completely attainable. The class is so well organized and Rob does such a fantastic job teaching that it IS possible to take it in. Rob is quirky (he owns that description) and tough. He tells it like it is, no holds barred. He knows his stuff, inside and out. I know I'll be going back to the fire hose for another "drink" at a future workshop or private one-on-one. Rob's SEO workshop is by far the best time/money I've ever spent on a seminar. I can't wait to see the positive impact it will have on our studio as I implement the rich advice that Rob provided. I feel empowered. Thanks, Rob!" — Bonnie Burton of Burton Photography
"This workshop is definitely a “drinking from a firehose” type of experience. Come prepared to take ample notes, as it’s likely going to be hard to fully digest all that information in real-time as it comes flying at you. I appreciate Rob’s humorous yet non-nonsense approach, which really helps make sitting through two days of intense and sometimes highly technical information. On that note, I’m sure it’s difficult to put on a workshop for such a drastically varied audience, with some being complete newcomers to SEO and others being more experienced, but Rob threads this needle perfectly. I consider myself to be somewhat more in the latter category, but even the “primer” information was helpful to me. It’s akin to being a mostly self-taught musician who then decides to take lessons to advance their skills... you may feel you already have a good handle on the basics, but then you discover that you were doing some of those basic techniques wrong, hampering your ability to progress further. I also liked how sometimes Rob would stop and discuss a particular issue or concern with an attendee’s website, but in a way that the entire class still benefited from, while also being careful to not let those discussions consume too much time. Just be prepared, no matter how awesome you think your website is, you’ll come away from this workshop with a “damn, I have a lot of work to do” kind of feeling. I look forward to reviewing my notes in the coming weeks, and working towards implementing the techniques I learned." — Michael Caswell of Michael Caswell Photography
"I've used SEO to gain a lot of traction in my area and other parts of the US and other countries. I know a lot about SEO. However I was able to gain additional information I never considered that will make my SEO journey even easier. Wish I'd taken this class years ago as it would have saved me a lot of time and energy I was putting towards my SEO efforts. Rob knows his material." — Teshorn Jackson of Teshorn Jackson Photography
"This is one workshop that all photographers interested in business success should attend. I can honestly say that I do not think that any competing workshops can match the benefits of the diverse background and experience of Rob. He has a firm understanding of the technical inner workings of the web and SEO (as founder of one of the nation's earliest web design firms). Add to that his graduate level degrees in English, he will also have you writing solid content in a style and structure that is confirmed to boost your online ranking. The fact that he is a current, working photographer inevitably forms the entire workshop into a directly applicable, relevant package. I sincerely doubt you will find another workshop that covers the technical, creative, and business aspects of SEO in a single, well executed presentation." — Lloyd Yoon of Night and Day Photo
"Your class was everything I hoped for and much more. I was ready to pay an SEO expert $1,000 for an assessment of my site, then $700-$1,000 per month for at least 6 months in order to repair my declining SEO. But after 2 days in your SEO workshop, I honestly think that I can take care of my SEO myself and get back on Page 1 for many keywords by deploying some of the strategies and tools you taught us. Attending your workshop, in your gorgeous 1920s Craftsman home, probably saved me $5,000. No shit. I have no doubt that this seminar will pay for itself many times over this year and for the duration of my career as a headshot photographer who delivers the longest lines, the longest dwell times, and the most provable ROI for trade show exhibitors. They say that when the student is ready the Teacher will appear. I did not expect the SEO-optimized website system I've been looking for to appear, too. I am gobsmacked to have found your Good Gallery SEO-optimized website service. I've known I need to reboot my website for a very long time, and for the last month or so I've been interviewing designers and pondering which one to hire to reboot my Wordpress website, but something has been holding me back from plucking that string. It turns out I was waiting for your SEO seminar and for your Good Gallery website service." — Steven Joseph Fogarty of Steven Joseph Photography
"Rob Greer's SEO workshop is a must for those who want to understand and apply SEO to their photography business. I went from knowing almost nothing to the big "Aha!" moment that has led me to launch a Good Gallery site that I believe will engage the right clients. I feel empowered and excited to implement the ideas he teaches and will surely be a "repeat offender". Thank you, Rob!" — Janet Boschker of North Light Photography
"Rob's class is absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed to help grow my business! If you're wondering what SEO is and aren't sure where to start, I would definitely recommend starting here. It will save you countless hours of trying to research SEO yourself, only to find out that you've been doing it wrong the whole time. If you own your own business, whatever it may be, do yourself a favor and take the next step. Stop leaving money on the table and go to Rob's class!" — Daniel Motta of Daniel Motta Photography
"I am astounded at the amount of information given in just 2 days. The class is fast paced and really fun! Rob is able to pack so much information in each slide and example. He also gave great advice and info on things outside of SEO. I left the workshop feeling like I had so many tangible things to do to improve my website's SEO. It was a lot of info, but never overwhelming. If anything, I was excited to get home and get to work." — Jen Hearn of Jen Hearn Photography
"My only regret about this workshop, is that I wish I would have done it a heck of a lot sooner! I thought I knew what SEO was, and how to optimize my site and my content. It didn't take me long to discover that I had no idea what I was doing, and what Rob teaches forced me to do a complete overhaul of how I approach SEO. No wonder I wasn’t ranking!! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is on the fence, as this is 100% worth it if you want to invest in growing your business." — Victoria Johansson of Victoria Johansson Photography
"Attending an SEO workshop sounds like the most dreadfully boring thing you could do but Rob presents it in a way that is engaging and actually enjoyable. Just when you think you are kicking ass with SEO, he brings you right back down to earth. It's a lot of work but SEO is ever changing and you have to be kept on your toes. Tying in the website critiques brought his lessons to life with real examples that we could implement in the future. Great workshop!" — Jennifer Aguilar of J&R Photography
"I am a total beginner when it comes to SEO. I knew that it was important and something that I needed to learn about. Despite my prior lack of knowledge about SEO, I learned so much. Rob is a wealth of knowledge and is able to teach to any level. He truly is an expert and devotes time every day to continually learning and keeping up with all of the changes that happen daily. He was able to answer questions from not only beginners like myself but also the students that were at a much more advanced level. I left the class with a list of things that I could do to improve my SEO and am continually working on them. I highly recommend this class and will take it again in the future. If you can only invest in one workshop or class for the year, this is the one you must take. It is worth every penny." — Ashley Ball of Ashley Ball Photography
"I absolutely recommend Rob Greer's SEO Workshop. He is clear, concise and makes a dry topic enjoyable and easy to understand. He made my knowledge of SEO a bit broader and with a key list of things to do after the workshop that I can implement in the near future. I can't wait to see the results!" — Khristel Stecher of Khristel Studios
"Rob's SEO workshop was terrific. If you're on the fence about it, hop down and sign up. Rob doesn't mince words and his engaging style made two days staring at the Skype screen fly by. He'll answer all of your questions and equip you with the knowledge and tools you needs to make search Google your friend. He's doing the proverbial "teach a person to fish" thing, so you can rely on yourself instead of paying other marketing platforms and so-called experts." — Ira Casel of Ira Casel Photography
"15 years ago when I first started my business, search engine optimization was easy. You just threw a bunch of keywords on your homepage and made yourself blog. Bam, first page rankings! But the photography industry has grown and Google has gotten smarter. It's not that easy anymore. o anyone thinking about taking Rob's class : just do it. Really. You can struggle along for literally years with outdated and incomplete information, hire someone who will do absolutely nothing for your rankings but take your money anyway, or you can sit for two days with someone who knows exactly what you need to do and how best to do it. I did all three, and I wish I had done the workshop earlier. I took Rob's SEO class in October, but I wasn't able to sit down with my website until about 10 days ago, at Thanksgiving. In those 10 days, I've moved from rank #22 to #9 for the keywords I was targeting. Ten. Days. Not weeks, not months, not years. And it's only going to get better. Thank you Rob for making this doable." — Heather Larkin of Fairyography
"This workshop is fully packed with high-quality SEO content! Rob is very knowledgeable about SEO and has great insights on design, usability, and writing. All important things for a successful website. He is very technical and clearly a perfectionist, so expect things explained very well but broken down in an easy way. I have watched him on another occasion and I was wondering if I was going to get enough to justify the cost, and the answer is YES! So worth it! He provided some very actionable steps which made my investment totally valid and well worth it. The only thing I'd recommend is for you to reserve 1 extra day on your calendar following the workshop so you can implement some of it immediately. Thanks Rob for sharing so openly!"— Alice Pepplow of The Imagery Studio
"Rob was very generous with sharing his vast SEO knowledge and expertise in an engaging way! He really packed it in but still kept me interested for 2 full days. I have seen Rob speak before, and consider myself knowledgeable in SEO, but he really delivered a ton of new things I haven’t heard before. I have an actionable to-do list created during the workshop that makes me feel less overwhelmed than I was before. He also answered lots of questions, which added to the value I received. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has a website." — Mark Creery of Mark Creery Photography
"This workshop helped increase my understanding of what exactly SEO. Since this workshop I have started to actually rank on goggle for keywords and new keywords. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m seeing more change now that I have compared to paying other companies to “do” SEO work for my website. I know that as I implement more of the rules and tips into my website that I will continue to see my numbers increase. I’d recommend that you take this workshop before you even set up your website, this way you don’t have to go back and fix all your errors. Plus, there are tons of tips and tricks to help your writing product. I plan on continuing my SEO work with Rob in the future once I complete this current version of SEO work." —Laura Barnett of Laura Barnett Photography
"Rob Greer’s workshop is definitely a must do for any photographer looking to improve their google ranking and visibility to prospective clients! Whether you are a portrait, wedding, newborn or commercial photographer, he will open your eyes to how your website can be that much better than your local competitors." — Carolyn Papanicolaou of Carolyn Angelina Photography
"I am a total beginner with SEO and Website building. I am amazed how Rob's Workshop can change my business to a whole different level even if I start implementing 10% of what he taught in 2 days. Possibly going to be one my best investment ever.Thanks a Tonne Rob!" — Ajay Thomas of Ajay Thomas
"You. Need. This. Class. This isn't just hyperbole. I had come into the workshop hoping to gain better insight into how to increase my studio's ranking in Google. What I left with was a lot more than I had paid for! I am no longer overwhelmed with trying to figure out where to put my resources when working on my company's SEO. I now have the knowledge to not only understand how to improve my website, but I can accurately evaluate my competitor's websites and focus my attention on areas I can beat them." — Travis Volkman of Volkman Photography
Hungry for relevant, inspirational, and actionable SEO training? If yes, attend Rob Greer’s SEO for Photographers two-day session. You will leave satisfied and full of information to take your SEO to the next level. Rob de-mystifies SEO, debunks myths, offers suggestions for quick website tweaks, and gives long-term strategies for ranking. He even devotes time covering effective writing tips and a proven method to beat writer’s block. As your understanding grows during the class, so does your SEO task list. Throughout the training, Rob keeps everyone engaged with a fast-flying slide deck, media clips, hands-on examples, and honest feedback to questions. I highly recommend this class for photographers and anyone interested in moving the needle on the SEO performance of their website. Rob gives all the necessary tools for SEO in this training. You will leave prepared, knowing the follow up work and actions required on your website for SEO success." — Anne Stephenson of Anne Stephenson Photo & Narrative
"Rob Greer's SEO workshop made me realize how much I didn't know about getting found with Google. After dropping The Knot and Wedding Wire, I asked members of Susan Stripling's The Wedding School what the best way to get found was. Within seconds, Susan responded with two words, "Rob Greer." The amount of technical SEO information presented over 2 days is impressive. Rob also reminds us how to effectively communicate with potential clients visiting our website. This is an investment in your business you need to make. I've never trusted any companies that offer SEO services. You can trust Rob Greer. He has killer credentials, is honest and a renowned photographer with the heart of a teacher. He's also kinda funny. Forget the YouTube gurus claiming to be experts and go right to the source: SEO with Rob!" — Erin Malcolm of Erin Malcolm Photography
"An SEO workshop doesn't sound like the most exciting way to spend your weekend but Rob makes it VERY informative and SUPER fun! Rob is a SEO geek with a hilarious personality - I laughed A LOT! But most importantly, this workshop strives to be bring out what is special and unique about each photographer and uses that information to help us succeed in SEO. It's a very personal workshop in that way. The group was also small enough so that he could spend time with each attendee and we could learn from each other. I would recommend this workshop to any photographer no matter what your genre or specialty is!" — Kim Fox of Kim Fox Photography
"Rob may describe himself as quirky as a photographer, but that has nothing to describe the knowledge he brings to his workshop on SEO. I'm sitting here with a long list of actionable items I can jump on and the practical logic behind it. He didn't hand this photographer SEO. He taught this photographer to SEO. And his humor did make the jam-packed lessons fly by. Worth every penny!" — Brooke Straiton of Brooke Straiton Photography
"In my 16 years of being in photography, I have taken so many classes and workshops. This one gets to the critical meat of the subject. It offers actionable steps that are specific to my business. It was a ton of information. But, for the first time, I am excited to work on my website! As companies continue to shift more online and with more competition, now it is even more valuable than ever! Having the class online also made it more accessible for the time and monetary commitment. So excited to track the results." — Brenda Pottinger of Pottinger Photography

SEO Workshop with Rob Greer is worth being awake at 2 am in the morning for two days in a row (if he is ready to teach in the US then you better not sleep in Australia). Why? Because Houston photographer Rob Greer is the BEST Hou-SEO-ton Photographer. — Jan Salava of Salava Photography

After taking Rob's SEO workshop I was PISSED OFF. Not at him, not at the class content, but pissed off with myself for not taking this sooner. The amount of value I took from this is worth its weight in gold. This workshop answered the many questions I had about SEO and I feel inspired and confident about the steps I need to take to continue to grow my business and website. — Sean Lara of Lara Photography

I highly recommend Rob's SEO workshop! So many great tips and information. I never thought I would be excited about SEO! Ha! I'm literally telling my friends all about it! It was so nice to learn SEO from a fellow photographer too! Feeling really lucky that I was able to attend! — Natasha McGuire of Natasha McGuire Photography

Rob's knowledge in the SEO world is second to none. From the backend of your site, to what should be or should not be on your website, to the world of internet marketing, and how it all connects, he is the one to turn to if you want to do it right, and if you want to rank higher, and if you want to be put in a position to make more $$$. Highly educated and non-pretentious. Awesome SEO Workshop! Thanks, Rob! — Dwayne MacMurtrie of Three16 Photography

If you care about your business you will take Rob's workshop. Bad web practices and low search rankings can make your photo biz look like a hobby. Rob will help you be seen by Google as the legitimate business your photography business is. — Amanda Stolarski of Amandamations Photography

Rob is really an expert. He is up-to-date on SEO and knows exactly what web designers need to do in order to get the best benefit from SEO. I would recommend this course to everyone who has a website or business. The information he provides is up-to-date. — Alicia Williams of Cordele Photography

If you know nothing about SEO - take this workshop. If you know something about SEO - take this workshop. And if you think you know all there is to know about SEO, I think you will still benefit from taking the workshop (the reason I say that is because there were two SEO experts in the workshop I took and both of them said that they found it useful!). I first heard Rob speak about SEO years ago at one of photography conferences - despite it being a relatively short presentation, I learnt a number of things about SEO, many of which I use to this day. So when I heard a friend recommend this workshop, I knew I had to sign up! I was looking forward to it for weeks and imagine my disappointment when a day before the workshop I came down with (what I thought at that time was) a cold. On day 2 of this VIRTUAL workshop I tested positive for COVID but despite that, logged in, listened, took notes, asked questions and learnt a whole lot. Rob is no nonsense and is an open book when it comes to SEO. So if you are looking to better your SEO skills, just sign up for this workshop! — lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos

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