SEO Workshop

SEO Workshop for Photographers

The SEO Workshop for Photographers offers you a deep-dive education into search engine optimization.

2019 Workshop Info

Los Angeles, California
2-Day Workshop - $1000
Tuesday & Wednesday, September 17 – 18, 2019
Pasadena Hilton, Del Mar Room
Pasadena, California
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Topics Covered

This course will help you understand what it takes to create, maintain, and market a modern photographer website. Using this information, you'll outstrip online competitors, find new clients, build more website traffic, and earn more money. Just some of the covered topics include:

  • How Search Engines Work
  • Link Building
  • Creating Content
  • Keywords & Keyword Research
  • Composing Titles
  • Killer Captions
  • Meta Tags
  • Optimizing Images for Search
  • WordPress & Blogging
  • Multimedia Optimization
  • User Experience
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Testing Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Sitemaps
  • Performance
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Local Search
  • and much, much more!

Other Benefits

You'll find more than just a great education and comprehensive class materials when you attend my SEO Workshop for Photographers.

Site Review

Attendees may volunteer their website for a live audit during the workshop. This optional audit will occur in front of the entire class for the benefit of all students.

Small Class Size

This workshop is limited to an intimate group of no more than 20 students. Additional instructor-invited special guests may also attend.

Networking Opportunity

Students are encouraged to network with peers during lunches, at group dinners, or after official events conclude each evening. Many attendees make lifelong friends at my workshops.

Free Lunch

Lunch is included both days as part of your 2-day workshop tuition at most locations. Bottled water or a water service is also available throughout the day. To keep tuition costs low, other edibles like snacks, soda, and coffee are not provided. But please feel free to bring your own if you like to munch on stuff.

If you have dietary restrictions, please let me know as soon as possible. Although I'll do my best to meet your needs, if your requirements are extensive, my catering provider may not be able to accommodate all of your restrictions.

Arranged Dinner

An instructor arranged, no-host dinner will be held at a nearby restaurant immediately after the first day of class.


All workshop events start and end on time. Please be punctual out of respect for your fellow attendees. And if you arrive late, I'll make fun of you.

Daily Schedule

The workshop begins each day at 9:00 AM and concludes at 5:00 PM. I might sometimes extend the workshop hours past 5:00 PM when my energy permits and when all attendees agree to stick around for more. So consider that when making any after-class plans.

There will be a lunch break and occasional 5-minute comfort breaks. Lunch breaks typically last about 1 hour.


All students should bring note-taking materials. Wifi-capable notebook computers are encouraged. Wifi network access will be provided. The workshop is presented classroom style and every attendee has access to a table, chair, and standard power outlet.

Learning Objectives

After this workshop, you’ll understand both basic and advanced search engine optimization techniques. When you return to your studio, you can use those techniques to improve your ongoing website marketing efforts. Additionally, you’ll be able to prepare highly consumable textual content for both visitors and search engines.

Acting on the information shared in this workshop will help your website appear in the most prominent and coveted search engine positions. As an additional benefit, after this workshop you’ll also be able to distinguish between valid SEO techniques and harmful myths.


First, I hold myself to the standard that every workshop I present must be better than my last. If you’re a returning alumni, I hope you find value in that standard. If you’re a new attendee, that means that you’ll always be experiencing the best I have to offer.

To make sure that my content is always better, I add new content or revise existing content almost every single day. Perhaps that’s why I have over 2500 slides in my PowerPoint deck.

As you can guess from that crazy slide count, my workshops are necessarily fast-paced without much fluff. But don't freak out too much as we won't get to every slide in my deck. Some slides are “do this right now” while other slides are “let’s talk about this concept” and yet other slides are kinda funny and that helps break up the rich content.

To keep my workshops on track, my experience has taught me to limit questions from attendees to 3 question and answer periods each day (sometimes 4). And there’s a really good reason that I hold all questions until those designated periods.

If you’ve attended workshops in the past, I’m sure you’ve seen classes hijacked by one or two understandably enthusiastic attendees. To help prevent this from happening, I deliver substantial content consumable by everyone and then work to clarify that content multiple times per day when necessary.

During the question and answer periods, we’ll casually interact in a supportive environment that encourages every kind of question. In cases where a question will be better answered later in the workshop, I may defer answering that specific question.

Who Should Take This Workshop

This workshop is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographers. For SEO virgins, you’ll leave the class knowing more about this “mysterious art” than most of your local peers.

For photographers who’ve been doing SEO for years, you’ll leave with a ton of new actionable tactics that you can implement immediately. For everybody else, be prepared to have your mind blown.

Do You Want To

Are you wondering if my workshop is right for you? Can you answer “yes” to any of these “would you like to” questions? Let’s get to it. Would you like to:

  • Rank higher on search engines.
  • Make more money.
  • Create better, more optimized content.
  • Take your SEO skills to the highest level.
  • Understand how your visitors think.
  • Get more traffic to your website.
  • Convert visitors to clients.
  • Become an SEO expert.
  • Improve everything about your website.

My Promise

If you register for my workshop, I promise that:

  • I won’t try to sell you stuff.
  • When we’re done with the workshop, you’ll feel like you underpaid.
  • I won't let other students hijack my class.
  • My presentation will be well-planned and well-organized.
  • You’ll go back to your studio with actionable tasks you can apply immediately.
  • This is a business workshop and not an inspirational or aspirational workshop.
  • I'll share everything I know about SEO and won't hold anything back for later.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with me outside of class.
  • I’m a busy photographer who has been in business since 2004 and who uses these exact techniques to help generate a 6-figure income from photography alone.


take this workshop, learn seo, and destroy your competition


My Qualifications

I’ve been building websites and web-based applications professionally since 1995. I’ve also owned and sold successful dotcoms and as Managing Director of E-commerce for a large professional consultancy I’ve helped build websites for major brands like Walmart, Dillards, AOL, Conoco, Schlumberger, NASA, and for hundreds of smaller businesses.

I’m also the founder of Good Gallery—a company that provides the most advanced SEO website platform in the world for thousands of photographers just like you. I work with those photographers daily and I understand their pain.

Tangible proof of my skill is also available online. My studio is on the first page of Google for many of the most competitive photography-related keywords in my area including los angeles photographer, los angeles portrait photographer, los angeles event photographer, and los angeles product photographer.

I’ve also taught platform classes on SEO at NYC’s PhotoPlus in 2014, 2015 & 2016, WPPI Vegas in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018, PPA’s Imaging USA 2018, National Association of Professional Child Photographers Retreat 2017, Mystic, the I Am Photographer Festival in Tallinn, Estonia, and online via The Wedding School and Sue Bryce Education.

In addition to my experience speaking to photographers, my background in education relates directly to my workshops. Early in my career I spent several years teaching college-level English composition. This real-life teaching experience helps ensure that you’re being presented materials by an experienced educator.

As an added benefit, my degrees in English and related skills play directly to one of the most important aspects of SEO—content creation. I can teach you those skills.

In terms of helping you with your website portfolio, I've been recognized with more than forty awards including two 1st place, three 2nd place, and three 3rd place trophies from Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). I've also been awarded the title Master of WPPI.

I've also served as a three-time judge at the WPPI Annual 16x20 Print, Album, and Filmmaking Competition in Las Vegas. Additionally, I've twice judged the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) International Image Competition. I've also judged the European I Am Photographer competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Offer This Workshop Online?

The only way to attend my workshop is to appear live and in-person. So don’t wait. Sign up today.

How Is This Workshop Different from Your Seminars?

This workshop is more comprehensive than any class I've taught online or at any conference. In most of my appearances at WPPI, PhotoPlus, Imaging USA, or at other events, I usually only speak for an hour or sometimes two hours. During those classes, I share a ton of information, but that’s only a fraction of what you’ll learn if you attend one of my workshops.

There are some small pieces of information shared in both my public appearances and at workshops. However, my workshop information greatly expands on the basic concepts revealing exclusive tips, strategies, and tactics that I don’t share anywhere else.

Lots of people are doing SEO. Will it work for me?

Lots of people are doing SEO badly. But if you take my workshop, learn how to do SEO correctly, retain the information I share, and spend some time doing the work, then you’ll almost certainly do better online than almost every other photographer in your market—unless they've taken my workshop too.

Do I need a Good Gallery website for this workshop?

You don't need a Good Gallery website to take advantage of these materials. You can apply all of this information to any website platform including WordPress blogs.

Can I record your workshop?

Video or audio recording is prohibited. Students who cannot meet this requirement may be asked to leave the workshop and all payments will be forfeit. I'm super serious about this folks.

Is this workshop for photographers only?

This content in this workshop is geared to photographers, but if you’re a wedding planner, florist, or similar wedding vendor who uses images to promote your business, 98% of what I share will also apply to your business. Please contact me if you need help in figuring out if you should attend.

What kind of photographers benefit from this workshop?

This workshop is for all photographers. However, I have several special sections that are specifically oriented to wedding, event, and portrait photographers. Your eyes may glaze over a bit when I go over those slides.

How much content do you share?

My presentation deck includes over 3,000 slides. But don’t let that freak you out or anything. I promise that we won’t cover more than around 2,000 slides during our 2 days together.

What makes your workshop different?

This workshop content is geared entirely toward photographers. You can take the actionable information I share and apply it immediately to your business. And not to toot my own horn too loudly, but there isn’t an SEO expert in the world with my unique set of qualifications.

Is your workshop content up-to-date?

I add content to my presentation almost daily. Or I revise sections as SEO rules change. I guarantee that you will leave my workshop thinking that it’s the most organized and comprehensive that you’ve ever attended.

Will you be visiting other cities?

I’ve been asked to visit dozens of cities across the United States. However, figuring out the best locations to ensure that I have a full workshop has been a strange beast to master.

As of right now, the only locations I can consider are Los Angeles, the deep South (like New Orleans), and the NYC area. I also occasionally hold workshops on dates immediately before or after major photography conferences.


Here you'll find non-paid endorsements and testimonials from students who have attended my SEO Workshop for Photographers.

Susan Stripling of Susan Stripling Photography

SEO is daunting, there are no two ways about it. It’s intimidating, exhausting, and a seemingly enormous mountain to climb. Rob will equip you with all the tools you need to take that journey…and more. Throughout the two days of the workshop he’ll answer all of your questions, provide you with exercises to strengthen the skills you’re learning, and deliver an extraordinary amount of helpful information in a concise, precise way. This workshop has been so transformational for me and my business that I have taken it THREE TIMES. THREE. Take it from me…sign up now.

Justin Elledge of Max Photography

After 12 years of taking a shotgun approach to my website and SEO with limited returns, it was well beyond time to find some focus and work towards meaningful results. Rob's class is the ultimate solution to this problem. Over the course of two days he taught us not only exactly what we should be doing for SEO, but why, where, when, and how. And while he presented a huge amount of information, he did so in a way that made it easy to retain (and even, dare I say, fun?). Google is impenetrable, but Rob does an amazing job of peeling back the curtain. I left the workshop totally energized and excited to spend dozens of hours working on my website. How many workshops can make that claim?

Melody Stevenson of Melodic View Photography

Game changer. That’s the best way to describe this class. The last several years were full of floundering: I wasn’t sure how to generate inquires or cement an online presence for my business. I’d heard that SEO would make all the difference but had zero clue where to start. The only thing I knew for sure was that I knew nothing, much like hapless John Snow. I honestly wasn’t sure I was even capable of killer SEO prior to attending this workshop but, Rob laid everything out in such a clear, accessible way that I left feeling incredibly confident. He took the complicated, daunting beast of SEO and packaged it into tiny, sensible bites and served it with a smile - along with tons of jokes and antidotes. I was thoroughly educated and delightfully entertained. This workshop holds all the keys to succeed in business – way more than I imagined possible, especially for the low price point. Rob seeks out every scrap of SEO data and news he can find and his tireless effort and diligence are overwhelmingly evident; he is truly an SEO expert. My only regret is not investing in this experience years ago.

Dana Todd of The Todds

I was hesitant to sign up for the workshop due to the fact that I'm completely an idiot when it comes to SEO. For years, I let my SEO just kind of be. I finally made the decision to attend the workshop, and I can't believe I waited this long. The information was informative, in depth, and made so much sense. Yes, by the end of the first day, my brain was mush and literally hurt. But I can say, though I know I have a but load of work to do on my site, that Rob has set the path to know how to do so, unlike others before. I cannot thank him enough, and will be taking this workshop again with my husband to be even on a deeper level with SEO!

Shannon Zastoupil of Shannon Z Photography

I've seen Rob speak on SEO through other educational platforms, and he always says that his workshop has much more content - and he isn't lying. I had thought I'd learned quite a bit before, but I wasn't prepared for the onslaught of SEO education he gave us over the two-day workshop. Rob shared SO MUCH amazing information, tips, resources and help. He updates the content regularly, and answers all and any questions thoroughly during the workshop. No matter what level of your business you're at, you can go home and begin implementing his lessons immediately. I highly recommend Rob's class!!

Chris Saraiva

I've been in and around educators throughout the photography industry for some time. Some are great, some not so much. After two days of a Rob Greer SEO workshop, he will now enter my great column. Rob is a straight forward to the facts educator that doesn't tell you what you want to hear but instead what you need to hear to succeed. If you expect to come to this workshop and leave with the one tip that will make your business succeed, you will be disappointed. If you want to leave with hundreds of tips that take effort but will build you a long-lasting, successful business that doesn't really take a lot of money to implement but is certainly work, don't look any further.

Joe Barnet of Barnet Photography

Every day, more people rely on the internet to find the products and services they need, especially young people planning weddings. As photographers, we came to realize that we needed an SEO friendly website if we wanted to be found by our wedding, product, headshots and commercial clients. But the right website is only half the battle. We needed to know what to do to be recognized by Google and placed where our prospective clients could find us. Fortunately we found Good Gallery for our website and Rob Greer, its creator, for training on how to turn our website into a mean, lean, SEO machine! My wife Mirta attended Rob’s 2 day intensive SEO workshop in Pasadena 2 years ago, that got us started transforming our website, and marketing strategy. We saw results soon after that, especially in the product photography area. This week both Mirta and I attended the same workshop again, and there was sooo much new information! You have to keep up with changes in the ways you can use SEO to bring in new clients, and Rob is the guide you need to understand and implement the techniques that will get you there. The workshops are packed with information, but Rob's relaxed teaching style makes the information easy to assimilate. I would recommend Rob Greer’s workshop, a great value, and the Good Gallery to any business person, not limited to the wedding industry, who wants to be competitive and bring in more business.

Chip Dizard of Chip Dizard Weddings

I thought I knew a little about SEO, but boy was I wrong. Rob's seminar opened me up to options from my local market and real-world examples of how to succeed in my ever changing market. As a wedding photographer, I need to have all the tools that make me successful and Rob's SEO is a great way to level-up your skills and knowledge. I have learned more in two days than all of my research on YouTube and other sites. I highly recommend you attend his in person SEO workshop for your business.

Cindy DeSau of Cindy DeSau Photography

Comprehensive: Rob covers a tremendous amount of ground on SEO and websites, and I learned a great deal about strategies that will allow me to build my own website traffic and book more clients. Empowering: I learned techniques that will help enable me to allow potential clients to discover my business, to be seen by more people and to be visually more attractive, helpful and readable. In other words, book more and earn more money in an increasingly competitive market. Interesting: Actually interesting. Fast-paced yes but not so much that I felt I was in over my head and couldn't keep up. Rob presents a wealth of material but in a way that's easy to digest and even funny at times. Our group wanted to keep going even after nine hours! I learned the truth about keywords and meta tags, whether captions under photos really do help and how my photographs should actually be named before uploading. There's a lot of inaccurate information out there, but Rob is the best source if you want the most accurate and up-to-date information. It also helps that the people who take his class are creative and care about their craft. There's a wonderful vibe at his workshops.

Devon Rowland of Devon Rowland Photography

Rob Greer's SEO workshop is mind blowing. The amount of time and effort he puts into building a quality presentation is obvious after 5 seconds, and Rob's engaging teaching style means you never feel like he is droning on. Take the notes, do the work, and watch your business thrive. You won't regret it.

Nicole Hoffman of Nicole Klym Photography

Rob’s SEO workshop was incredibly informative! Even as someone with some SEO experience from a past career, I came away with my mind blown. The information was presented in a way that was easy to follow and he was very willing to answer any questions attendees asked. I came away after the second day very excited to revamp my entire website and differentiate myself even further from others in the photography industry. This knowledge is SO valuable. I’ll definitely be recommending his workshop to other business owners I know!

Jane Pilkerton of Steve and Jane Photography

I just spent the last two days at Rob Greer's first SEO for Photographers workshop and it was mind blowing. Worth every freaking penny I spent. A lot of people claim to be SEO experts, Rob really is. His brain is filled with so much SEO knowledge it’d make a normal person’s head explode.

I’ve done just a little bit of the work and I'm already seeing results. He gave us at least a year's worth of work to improve our websites and rank higher in search results. He's a talented teacher, has a wonderfully dry sense of humor, and he's brutally honest in the best way possible.

It’s not just SEO knowledge, as the creator of Good Gallery, he knows how to design websites for simplicity and usability. His website critique alone was worth attending the workshop. If that’s not enough, he throws in the best SEO memes you will ever see during his slideshow presentation. Sign up for his next workshop or hire him for one on one SEO mentoring/consulting if you want the knowledge to take your website to the next level.

Bryan of April and Bryan Photography

I signed up to attend Rob's SEO Workshop with the anticipation of learning how to take our website to the next level with respect to its search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. I already knew that Rob knows his stuff; after all, I chose to build our website on the platform he created: Good Gallery.

However, I wanted to know more about how a little fix here and a little change there could make a difference in how our website ranks on the major search engines. SEO is not something that is set in stone. It's an ever changing, constantly evolving, moving target.

Enter a fast paced, two day workshop where there were not enough hours in the day to go through the vast knowledge that Rob brings to the table. He has been studying and perfecting his SEO knowledge for a long time and it shows. He reads multiple articles a day to stay on the front edge of the SEO wave. We learned front to back, left to right, all things SEO.

From the tools of the trade to how grammar and reading level of the written content can affect your SEO rankings. Rob was very thorough in his explanations, and provided many real world examples on his own sites and those of others to demonstrate the concepts he was trying to convey.

At the end of the second day, when the dust settled and the workshop was over, I felt like I walked away with a game plan and tons of notes (32 pages worth to be exact) to help me take our website to the next level and improve its ranking. I believe that with the knowledge gained from this workshop, I can organically grow our site to achieve the SEO rankings that we desire.

Sam Garcia of WRM Photography

Now that I have met and experienced Rob Green's workshop it's easy to understand why he's at the top of his profession. I have been studying SEO on my own in order to improve my business but have gone nowhere.

I have been unclear on a path to get results but after attending the two day workshop I have an actionable plan that I am certain will drive new business. The SEO workshop for photographers offered great content and Rob made it easy to understand. Thanks for the profits in my future.

Amanda Lamb of Amanda Lamb Photography

Although I had hoped to attend anyway, I was lucky enough to win Rob's SEO workshop at WPPI in 2017. I wasn't surprised to learn that even though I'd already heard him speak at least 3 times, there was still so much more to learn about SEO at the 2 day workshop.

Rob is the "go to" guy for SEO for a reason - he's absolutely the best at what he does! If you're looking for a way to bring your website to the next level, you must take this workshop. Considering what most companies charge to do SEO for you, having the information to do it yourself, and do it well, is invaluable.


I recently attended the Rob Greer SEO workshop in Pasadena and I would rate this workshop right up there with the BEST workshops I have ever attended. Rob is a really cool guy with a quirky sense of humor, which I enjoyed. He really explains in easy to understand terms, the way SEO works.

So far I have implemented some of the things he taught and I have already seen results. When I create my new Good Gallery website in the next month or two, I know it will help keep me at the top of my local market, especially since Good Gallery is designed for photographers with SEO in mind.

If you want to separate yourself from your local competition, you must attend this workshop. Thank you Rob for being the SEO genius you are, I should have attended years ago!


Rob Greer’s SEO workshop is incredible! It will change your world, and be one of the most important things you can do for your business. When you are ready, really ready to take action, Rob Greer’s SEO Workshop for Photographers is an absolute MUST!

There are hundreds of things one could fill their time with; but, at the end of the day, being found by your clients is key to surviving, and key to a successful business. Proper SEO techniques will set you apart from your competition, and this is precisely the knowledge Rob will impart.

Brilliant does not even come close to describing Rob’s expertise! “SEO may be a stone-cold bitch”; but, Rob has her crying in the corner like the fickle little girl she is- and you can too!

AL Gawlik of AL Gawlik Photography

Rob's workshop was worth its weight in gold the first hour in. Owning a Good Gallery site and now learning even more about SEO and rankings has really opened my eyes to how I can improve my rankings and market to the couples I want. There are literally tons of "golden nuggets" of information throughout the workshop. I have never been to a workshop that has given me so much valuable information I can take and start applying immediately. Thank you, Rob, you have set me on the right path in helping me build my SEO empire.

Bonnie Burton of Burton Photography

Two days of SEO training with Rob Greer is a lot like drinking SEO from a fire hose...only he makes it completely attainable. The class is so well organized and Rob does such a fantastic job teaching that it IS possible to take it in. Rob is quirky (he owns that description) and tough. He tells it like it is, no holds barred. He knows his stuff, inside and out. I know I'll be going back to the fire hose for another "drink" at a future workshop or private one-on-one. Rob's SEO workshop is by far the best time/money I've ever spent on a seminar. I can't wait to see the positive impact it will have on our studio as I implement the rich advice that Rob provided. I feel empowered. Thanks, Rob!

Michael Caswell of Michael Caswell Photography

This workshop is definitely a “drinking from a firehose” type of experience. Come prepared to take ample notes, as it’s likely going to be hard to fully digest all that information in real-time as it comes flying at you. I appreciate Rob’s humorous yet non-nonsense approach, which really helps make sitting through two days of intense and sometimes highly technical information. On that note, I’m sure it’s difficult to put on a workshop for such a drastically varied audience, with some being complete newcomers to SEO and others being more experienced, but Rob threads this needle perfectly. I consider myself to be somewhat more in the latter category, but even the “primer” information was helpful to me. It’s akin to being a mostly self-taught musician who then decides to take lessons to advance their skills... you may feel you already have a good handle on the basics, but then you discover that you were doing some of those basic techniques wrong, hampering your ability to progress further. I also liked how sometimes Rob would stop and discuss a particular issue or concern with an attendee’s website, but in a way that the entire class still benefited from, while also being careful to not let those discussions consume too much time. Just be prepared, no matter how awesome you think your website is, you’ll come away from this workshop with a “damn, I have a lot of work to do” kind of feeling. I look forward to reviewing my notes in the coming weeks, and working towards implementing the techniques I learned.

Teshorn Jackson of Teshorn Jackson Photography

I've used SEO to gain a lot of traction in my area and other parts of the US and other countries. I know a lot about SEO. However I was able to gain additional information I never considered that will make my SEO journey even easier. Wish I'd taken this class years ago as it would have saved me a lot of time and energy I was putting towards my SEO efforts. Rob knows his material.

Lloyd Yoon of Night and Day Photo

This is one workshop that all photographers interested in business success should attend. I can honestly say that I do not think that any competing workshops can match the benefits of the diverse background and experience of Rob. He has a firm understanding of the technical inner workings of the web and SEO (as founder of one of the nation's earliest web design firms). Add to that his graduate level degrees in English, he will also have you writing solid content in a style and structure that is confirmed to boost your online ranking. The fact that he is a current, working photographer inevitably forms the entire workshop into a directly applicable, relevant package. I sincerely doubt you will find another workshop that covers the technical, creative, and business aspects of SEO in a single, well executed presentation.

Steven Joseph Fogarty of Steven Joseph Photography

Your class was everything I hoped for and much more. I was ready to pay an SEO expert $1,000 for an assessment of my site, then $700-$1,000 per month for at least 6 months in order to repair my declining SEO. But after 2 days in your SEO workshop, I honestly think that I can take care of my SEO myself and get back on Page 1 for many keywords by deploying some of the strategies and tools you taught us. Attending your workshop, in your gorgeous 1920s Craftsman home, probably saved me $5,000. No shit. I have no doubt that this seminar will pay for itself many times over this year and for the duration of my career as a headshot photographer who delivers the longest lines, the longest dwell times, and the most provable ROI for trade show exhibitors. They say that when the student is ready the Teacher will appear. I did not expect the SEO-optimized website system I've been looking for to appear, too. I am gobsmacked to have found your Good Gallery SEO-optimized website service. I've known I need to reboot my website for a very long time, and for the last month or so I've been interviewing designers and pondering which one to hire to reboot my Wordpress website, but something has been holding me back from plucking that string. It turns out I was waiting for your SEO seminar and for your Good Gallery website service.

Janet Boschker of North Light Photography

Rob Greer's SEO workshop is a must for those who want to understand and apply SEO to their photography business. I went from knowing almost nothing to the big "Aha!" moment that has led me to launch a Good Gallery site that I believe will engage the right clients. I feel empowered and excited to implement the ideas he teaches and will surely be a "repeat offender". Thank you, Rob!

Daniel Motta of Daniel Motta Photography

Rob's class is absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed to help grow my business! If you're wondering what SEO is and aren't sure where to start, I would definitely recommend starting here. It will save you countless hours of trying to research SEO yourself, only to find out that you've been doing it wrong the whole time. If you own your own business, whatever it may be, do yourself a favor and take the next step. Stop leaving money on the table and go to Rob's class!

Jen Hearn of Jen Hearn Photography

I am astounded at the amount of information given in just 2 days. The class is fast paced and really fun! Rob is able to pack so much information in each slide and example. He also gave great advice and info on things outside of SEO. I left the workshop feeling like I had so many tangible things to do to improve my website's SEO. It was a lot of info, but never overwhelming. If anything, I was excited to get home and get to work.

Victoria Johansson of Victoria Johansson Photography

My only regret about this workshop, is that I wish I would have done it a heck of a lot sooner! I thought I knew what SEO was, and how to optimize my site and my content. It didn't take me long to discover that I had no idea what I was doing, and what Rob teaches forced me to do a complete overhaul of how I approach SEO. No wonder I wasn’t ranking!! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is on the fence, as this is 100% worth it if you want to invest in growing your business.

Jennifer Aguilar of J&R Photography

Attending an SEO workshop sounds like the most dreadfully boring thing you could do but Rob presents it in a way that is engaging and actually enjoyable. Just when you think you are kicking ass with SEO, he brings you right back down to earth. It's a lot of work but SEO is ever changing and you have to be kept on your toes. Tying in the website critiques brought his lessons to life with real examples that we could implement in the future. Great workshop!

Ashley Ball of Ashley Ball Photography

I am a total beginner when it comes to SEO. I knew that it was important and something that I needed to learn about. Despite my prior lack of knowledge about SEO, I learned so much. Rob is a wealth of knowledge and is able to teach to any level. He truly is an expert and devotes time every day to continually learning and keeping up with all of the changes that happen daily. He was able to answer questions from not only beginners like myself but also the students that were at a much more advanced level. I left the class with a list of things that I could do to improve my SEO and am continually working on them. I highly recommend this class and will take it again in the future. If you can only invest in one workshop or class for the year, this is the one you must take. It is worth every penny.

Tuition Price

The total 2-day workshop tuition fee is only $1,000. To hold your place, a $500 registration retainer is required. The final balance of $500 is due 30 days before the event.

If we're not sold out for a class, I sometimes offer 1-day enrollments. The fee for 1-day workshops is $600. Since you'll only be attending 1 day of the 2-day workshop, you'll be presented with 1/2 the content that I would normally present to other students. Please send me an email you're interested in a 1-day option.

When classes don't sell out, alumni / previous attendees may retake my workshop for a reduced rate. Please contact me if you're interested in a future date.


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Credit Card Payments

For credit card payments, click the PAY HERE & REGISTER button and complete your transaction online. This transaction is handled through PayPal.

Bank Payments

Payments can also be made with a personal or business check. Checks should be mailed to Rob Greer Photography, 1439 Las Lunas St, Pasadena, CA 91106.

Terms & Conditions

All payments are non-refundable. However, if you’re unable to attend, registration payment(s) can be transferred to anyone who has not yet registered. Registrations cannot be transferred to other classes or workshops occurring on different dates.

No seat is fully confirmed until both the retainer and balance are received. All students are responsible for their own travel and accommodations.

Workshop Cancellations

If unforeseen circumstances cause the cancellation of the entire workshop, all monies paid will be refunded to each registrant within 5-business days of the cancellation.

Other Questions

If you have any questions about the workshop, please don’t hesitate to call (626) 523-3123 or email info@robgreer.com.


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