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Advanced Workshop Details

Advanced Skype Workshop Details

Here you'll find details about my Advanced Skype SEO Workshop.

This $300 pricing is a one-time offer. This might even be a one-time only advanced workshop. You won't see this offer again at this price.

You can only attend this class if you've taken my workshop. In other words, the SEO for Photographers Workshop is a prerequisite to this course.

Sign up today using the PayPal button below. Class size is limited. You're confirmed by paying. Confirmation emails follow within 24 hours.

This course builds on website content and will focus on these areas only.

  • keywords selection
  • keyword prioritization
  • content organization
  • content targeting
  • content research
  • content writing
  • internal linking strategy
  • measuring success
  • website tour and explanation

This is a practical application workshop. I won't be talking all the time but I'll still share slides. A few slides may review things we covered in the workshop, but most of what I'll teach will be what I actually do when I'm creating content for my website. Much of what you learn will be by watching and then doing and reviewing.

You'll see how I do research because I'll do that research while you watch. This will be for real website pages.

You'll see how I organize content. I'll share my website's backend and you'll see where I put my content, how I organize it, and I'll explain why I did what I did.

You'll have assignments. You'll be creating content for your own site. For maximum value, you should complete assignments during the workshop or set aside time to finish them that week. You probably won't have time to complete every assignment in class.

I'm going to complete each assignments myself while you watch and add that content to my own website. You can either watch me work on the assignment (as I explain what I'm doing) or you can listen with one ear and do your own work if you think you know what you're doing.

Somewhere along the line I'll ask you to start on the assignment and then we'll review results from a few students together. Because time is limited, every assignment for every student won't be reviewed.

This advanced class is focused on practice over theory. Since you've already attended my workshop, you should already know the theory. For maximum value, you might want to review your slides before this class (recommended, not required).

Skype Details

I recommend that your computer have both a camera and a microphone as this workshop is participatory. However, if you don't have that equipment and you don't mind missing out on some of the back-and-forth opportunities, you can make do without that equipment.


I'll share my screen, so you'll view every slide and all demo materials. My camera will let you see my face and expressions.

You'll can ask questions via the chat window and I'll refer to that periodically and answer your question verbally for everyone.

You'll keep your microphone disabled most of the time. However, I'll periodically ask you to unmute your microphone when you join discussions, when I clarify questions, or when you share exercise content with the group.

For the best experience, you may want to turn off your camera. That will reduce bandwidth requirements on your end.

You'll need decent download speeds. If you don't have a good Internet connection, you shouldn't sign up for this workshop.

You won't be able to record the workshop.


The advanced workshop begins at 10:00 AM Central Time and ends at 5:00 PM Central Time (USA).


You'll attend the workshop at your home or studio.

Flights / Airports

You won't need to fly. You'll stay home or work from your studio.


You won't need a hotel. You'll sleep in your own bed.


We'll break for a 40 minute lunch around 1:00 PM each day. You can eat anything you want from your own refrigerator.

Other Breaks

I'll also provide you with two 5-minute comfort breaks—one before lunch and one after lunch.