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Skype Workshop Details

Skype Workshop Details

Here you'll find details about my Skype SEO Workshop. Check back often for updates.

Please see my SEO Workshops for Photographers page for general information that applies to most workshops.

NOTE: The Networking Opportunity, Free Lunch, Arranged Dinner, and One-on-One Time mention on the general information page aren't included for the Skype workshop because you'll be attending at your own home or studio.

Skype Details

I recommend that your computer have both a camera and a microphone as this workshop is participatory. However, if you don't have that equipment and you don't mind missing out on some of the back-and-forth opportunities, you can make do without that equipment.

I'll share my screen, so you'll view every slide and all demo materials. My camera will let you see my face and expressions.

You'll can ask questions via the chat window and I'll refer to that periodically and answer your question verbally for everyone.

You'll keep your microphone disabled most of the time. However, I'll periodically ask you to unmute your microphone when you join discussions, when I clarify questions, or when you share exercise content with the group.

For the best experience, you may want to turn off your camera. That will reduce bandwidth requirements on your end.

You'll need decent download speeds. If you don't have a good Internet connection, you shouldn't sign up for this workshop.

You won't be able to record the workshop.

I ask that you be the only person watching your screen. If you want to include more than one person at your location, let me know and I'll provide you with a discounted rate for a 2nd (or 3rd) person.


The workshop begins at 9:00 AM Central Time and ends at 5:00 PM Central Time (USA) both days. I might continue teaching after 5:00 PM if nobody complains about additional material.


You'll attend the workshop at your home or studio.

Flights / Airports

You won't need to fly. You'll stay home or work from your studio.


You won't need a hotel. You'll sleep in your own bed.


We'll break for a 40 minute lunch around 12:30 PM each day. You can eat anything you want from your own refrigerator.

Other Breaks

I'll also provide you with two 5-minute comfort breaks—one before lunch and one after lunch.


Additional general workshop details are available on the main SEO Workshops page.


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