Casual Headshots for LA Executive

Casual Headshots for LA Executive

This natural-light executive headshot was photographed in my LA studio.

Power of Expression

When creating professional portraits for my clients, I generally deliver images featuring the subject sharing at least three types of expressions—smiling, serious, and happily interested. And in all of those cases, I hope to show my subject as approachable. 

I would categorize the expression of this engaging portrait of a female fundraising executive as happily interested.

Confident Portrait

I'd also like to think that this portrait shows her exuding a sense of confidence. By using a lower camera angle as seen here, I'm able to create a sense of power and and thus making her seem a bit bigger than life. 

If I were photographing a male subject, I might lower that angle even more to exaggerate that power. However, those very low angles can sometimes be overdone, so I rarely use them unless the portrait requires some kind of storytelling. 

In this particular example, I feel that I was able to create just the right balance of strength and approachability for this female business executive.

Location: Rob Greer Photography, 1439 Las Lunas St, Pasadena, CA 91106.

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