Eric Olds, Starfleet Engineer
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Eric Olds, Starfleet Engineer

Here Eric Olds is modeling a handmade Anti-Radiation Engineering Suit similar to the one worn by James Doohan ("Scotty") in the 1983 film, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Eric’s favorite Star Trek character is Scottie and he feels that this suit is arguably the most interesting costume Scotty wore during his tenure in Star Trek television shows and films. The original screen costume was designed by Robert Fletcher and was made using a special machine that supported trapunto, a technique used to produce raised quilting designs. Trapunto stitching work is typically time-consuming and labor-intensive as small holes are made in the back of the fabric, the resulting areas are then filled with stuffing, and then the holes are stitched closed. Lacking access to a trapunto machine, which blows thread though a hollow needle to pad previously sewn details, Eric stuffed the required areas by hand. The edelrid loops on the costume appear to be metal but are actually reproductions made from wood. The phaser and tricorder props are Star Trek III vintage. Eric modeled them in computer-aided design (CAD) software and created the parts using 3D printing technology, a process where the printer adds successive layers of material to build a model. These layers, which match the CAD model, are automatically fused together to create the final shape. The tricorder front also opens allowing Eric a place to carry small objects while walking around conventions.


When Eric isn’t busy pursing his costuming and prop-building hobby, he passes the days as an accomplished aerospace engineer. In fact, he’s a real rocket scientist as he has been responsible for electronics packaging as well as mechanical and mechanism design on Mars Rovers, Earth orbiting spacecraft, and instruments that have flown on the International Space Station. His proudest moment was being part of the successful Mars landing of Curiosity. Even he admits that the Entry, Descent, and Landing plan looked pretty scary. In his remaining free time, Eric enjoys inline hockey, tinkering on engines, and watching endurance sports car racing like Le Mans (he mostly roots for Porsche). Some of his favorite films include 2001: A Space Odyssey, Primer, Blade Runner, and Aliens. His favorite television shows are Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and The Walking Dead. And when it’s time to spin up some tunes, he loves The Church, Radiohead, and Hot Hot Heat. When he was growing up he was a child of the 80's and a fan of alternative, and he still has a soft spot for groups like Duran Duran and The Cure. He grew up in the Central Valley area of California but now resides in Los Angeles. Eric is recently married to Jean, the love of his life.