Jean Olds, Enterprise Enlisted Crewman
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Jean Olds, Enterprise Enlisted Crewman

Jean Olds loves Star Trek. And although that love of all things Vulcan may not be as great as that of her husband Eric Olds, she still suits up whenever he asks it of her. The uniform seen here is one of the most common background costumes seen in Star Trek II (1983) through Star Trek VI (1991). Although these uniforms appear in almost every starship scene, details about these uniforms are rarely noticed by casual viewers. This may be due to the fact that the major characters were always officers; in fact, the enlisted crew didn’t have names until sixth film when nametags were added to the costumes in order to make it easier for the audience to identify certain characters. With the second Star Trek, since the main cast costumes were so expensive, director Nicholas Meyer re-used William Theiss’ spandex jumpsuits from the original Star Trek film. The costumers dyed the jumpsuits dark red, removed the built-in shoes, and added tan shoulders and black trim. This particular replica costume was made by her husband, Eric Olds. He started making this costume with spandex already dyed the proper color and then continued his work by making screen-accurate patterns while ensuring all of the seam details were accurate as well.

Jen is an energy efficiency consultant who works with public agencies in implementing energy saving retrofit projects for their facilities. She has been a dancer her entire life and has studied ballet, Latin ballroom dancing, and salsa. She also spent time in Spain studying flamenco dancing and currently dances the argentine tango. To help put her relationship with her husband in perspective, Eric asked Jen to listen to a song that he suggested they play for their grand entrance at their 2013 wedding reception. Jen obliged and agreed that the song was great. It was only later that she discovered that the song Eric suggested was the theme song to the original Battlestar Galactica TV series!

Location: Pasadena, California.

1/160; f/11.0; ISO 100; 200.0 mm.