Editorial Portrait of Three Gardners
Rob Greer Photography

Editorial Portrait of Three Gardners

This photograph was inspired by Richard Avedon's “Western Project.” When the magazine publisher contacted me to do a basic photo story and portrait session featuring a landscaping company, I suggested the idea that I create portraits of the gardners in an homage to Richard Avedon's famous work. As a portrait photographer, I typically work in highly controlled situations in and around Los Angeles. But for this project, I needed to take these photographs on site inside a gated community where these guys were working. To accomplish this, I brought a half roll of white seamless paper and taped it to the wall of a building. Then I set up one of my ProPhoto battery operated studio strobes with a 3 x 4 soft box and positioned it to the diagonal left of the subjects. Then I posed each subject individually in turn and then combined them into a single photograph in Photoshop. This particular photograph won an award in the 2013 WPPI Print, Album & Filmmaking Competition in the Commercial category.

Location: Los Angeles, California.

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