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Children Portrait Photographer

There are many occasions when I am asked to photograph a subject on a white background. In Los Angeles, portrait photography on a white background is a relatively common request for many commercial clients. One of the advantages of photographing people on a white background is that graphic artists can later more easily remove that subject from the background allowing them to use the image in a wide variety of advertising settings. This two-year-old with red hair wearing a sleeveless sweater and jeans was mischievous during our portrait session, and this is one of the more interesting captures from our sitting. Working with children can be difficult, as kids are unpredictable. As such, for personal portrait photography, I have a five-year-old minimum policy. That means that I will no longer photograph children under five, unless the project is for commercial or editorial purposes.

Location: Los Angeles, California.

1/250; f/6.3; ISO 100; 85.0 mm.