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Online Dating Headshots

The primary image featured here is just one example of many dating headshots captured during a 2-hour portrait session.

One of my goals when creating portraits for online dating is to make sure that I provide my subjects with a broad variety of images. Some of the photographs may be suitable for dating sites only while others might work great as personal branding images or as photos for networking websites like Linkedin.

As you can see from the additional example here, I often photograph subjects in my Pasadena studio and on location in outdoor settings.

For longer online dating portrait sessions, I'll also incorporate lifestyle portraits that are casual and evoke an editorial style of portraiture. Here the subjects holds a teacup because he's a fan of hanging out in the kitchen and drinking tea with friends.

This last example isn't necessarily something most people would include in an online dating profile on Tinder or, but instead it's an artistic headshot that captures a deeper view into the personality of the subject.