Shannon Enox, Los Angeles Police Officer

Shannon Enox, Los Angeles Police Officer

Shannon Enox is a Los Angeles Police Officer and Stanford graduate who grew up in San Pedro and now resides in Rancho Palos Verdes. She was inspired to join the force after watching her father—now a retired Captain—also protect and serve the public. Interestingly, she is seriously afraid of fire. In fact, it made her decision of becoming a police officer an easy choice when she was initially faced with the prospect of dodging bullets or fighting fires. Shannon is always busy at work, but on her days off she enjoys eating, napping, and working out. And she enjoys working out mostly because it allows her to eat and nap. She also enjoys watching reality television on Bravo. She’s also a long-time fan of the LA Kings and makes a point of her faithfulness to the team, even in years when they aren’t hitting on all cylinders. Some of her favorite films include The Little Mermaid (for at home karaoke purposes only), Philadelphia, Zoolander, and The American President. She avoids cop movies at all costs including Lethal Weapon, Turner & Hootch, and Die Hard. As a point of fact, after seeing Armageddon and The Jackal, Shannon feels that she has seen the best of what Bruce Willis has to offer. In terms of music, to her way of thinking, there are only two kinds of music: Country and Western. If she had to pick one, it would be Western. Shannon feels fortunate that her teenage heartthrob John Mayer decided to take on a country twang just so he could fit within her narrow musical preferences. Her favorite food is cherries and she enjoys driving all over Los Angeles looking for the best of them. And after finding the cherries, she’ll eat a pound of them on the way home—spitting the pits out of the window as she drives. Shannon shamefully admits that her most prized possession is her collection of Lululemon workout clothes. She is also skilled at making expressive faces that clearly share her feelings about the ridiculous lies that are told to her. This trait is complementary to the fact that she can memorize almost any story told to her—so much so that arguing with her about past events is always futile.

Location: Pasadena, California.

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