Suzie Baker, Artist

Suzie Baker, Artist

Suzie Baker is an award-winning artist with a degree in Advertising and Fine Arts from Louisiana Tech University. Suzie paints most commonly in an alla-prima style with subject matter including portraits, still life, and landscapes. Her favorite painters include John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, and Richard Schmidt. The phrase alla prima is Italian and means "first attempt." It’s a painting technique that is seen mostly in oil painting. The style employs multiple layers of wet paint. In other words, layers of wet paint are applied on top of other layers of wet paint. This technique requires speed since each work must be completely finished before the first paint layers have dried. The style alla prima is also sometimes referred to as "direct painting", "wet-on-wet," and "au premier coup" (at first stroke). Suzie paints and teaches oil painting where she lives in Shenandoah, Texas with her husband and two children. She also thinks that her brother is an amazing photographer.

Location: Pasadena, California.

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