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Additional Photographer

I photograph every event, but I sometimes work alongside additional photographers.

additional Coverage
4 hours$600
5 hours$750
6 hours$900
7 hours$1050
8 hours$1200
9 hours$1350
10 hours$1500
11 hours$1650
12 hours$1800
13 hours$1950
14 hours$2100
15 hours$2250

These second photographers are employed by me for weddings and large events. Although I can work alone, additional photographers help me create better photographs.

Small events and gatherings seldom require additional photographers. I photograph those events alone unless you want an additional photographer.

I frequently photograph occasions solo and have done so countless times. But I can't be in two places at once. Multiple photographers solve this problem.

For example, I can't be in the back of the room and the front of the room at the same time. However, particles can simultaneously exist in two locations. That's called quantum superposition. But we're not talking about that here because I don't understand it. Go ahead and read the next paragraph.

Multiple Angles

With multiple photographers, simultaneous photographs are possible. Offering a multiple-angle photography approach provides choices, variety, and helps ensure important moments aren't missed.

I've trained my second photographers. We're a team using communication and silent signals to get the job done. You'll never see us together because you won't need photos from the same angle.

Minimal Distraction

Simultaneous coverage requires less photographer movement. With two photographers, I work one location while the second photographer works elsewhere. When I work alone, I must move quickly between locations. That means guests might notice my movement.

Two stationary photographers are naturally less noticeable than one photographer. Your guests' attention remains focused. And like the best photographers, we're courting invisibility.

Secondary Locations

Additional photographers offer concurrent secondary location coverage. I prefer photographing every important moment myself, but that isn't always possible. So, whether you need a second photographer in a nearby room or across town, we'll coordinate assigned tasks and be where you need us.

Guest Coverage

Multiple photographers working in the same room can photograph more guests than a photographer working alone.

Even with small events, capturing everyone is difficult.

For events smaller than 75 guests, one photographer is often sufficient. For events smaller than 200 guests, two photographers are usually enough. For events with 300+ guests, covering everything requires additional photographers; you might consider three or even four additional photographers.

Photographing Details

An additional photographer typically receives scene-setting photography assignments. This means they're assigned details like décor, food, venues, and signage. While the second photographer works on those subjects, I focus on the people attending your event—and their stories.


When I'm photographing groups, additional photographers work as organizers. They help arrange folks so I can focus on posing, lighting, and photography. This makes the process easier, faster, and more painless.


Teams help me do my best work. When I need anything, that additional photographer can assist me when I need equipment, water, or a helping hand. Those photographers help me help you—just like Jerry Maguire.h


Second photographers share my ride. This means we arrive together, we leave together, and we never arrive late. That also means we use carpool lanes. HOV lanes are a Houston lifesaver that helps ensure timely arrivals.


Photographers aren't equal—nor are additional photographers. Qualifications vary greatly. Some second photographers are quite skilled and have primary photographer abilities. Others are part-time hobbyists building portfolios. Some are spouses earning weekend money. And others are aspiring photography students. And sadly, some are even hired blindly via Facebook cattle calls.

How do you know who you're getting?

Hire me and you'll never worry. I only use skilled and seasoned professionals. Every additional photographer I employ meets these requirements:

  • is friendly and respectful
  • has worked with me previously
  • 5+ years of professional experience
  • owns backup cameras
  • on and off-camera lighting skills
  • uses my memory cards
  • waives photo rights
  • signs work-for-hire agreement
  • drives reliable transportation
  • passes GoodHire background check
  • carries professional liability insurance
  • carries health insurance
  • medically and psychologically fit