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Review Session

The complimentary review session is where we finalize your album design preferences.

My well-practiced, convenient, and effortless process prevents sometimes-typical back-and-forth design agony. This refined design review process is so mature that I teach other photographers my methods at international photography conferences. I'll make things easy!

If you're local, I hope we can meet in person and review your design together. If that's not possible, then we can meet remotely via Skype.

Most meetings last an hour. However, I've had some meetings that only took a few minutes and others that took several hours. Your meeting length varies based on how quickly you make design decisions.

When our meeting starts, I'll share a meaningful slideshow featuring your proposed album design. After that, we'll look at each album spread individually, and you'll choose your favorites. This iterative process helps you build the story you want to tell.

After we've made your favorite selections, we'll fine-tune everything. This means that I'll modify your design in real-time. We'll swap photos and photo positions. If needed, I'll even design new pages while you watch.

After your design is locked, you'll pick your album cover material. Your review session is then complete.