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Choose Your Favorites

Choose Your Favorites

Pick your best photos. Or I'll pick for you. Either way, you'll receive an amazing heirloom album.

You should have a voice and a choice because your album lives forever.

Just set aside 30 minutes and choose your favorite photos. Alternatively, if you can't spare that time, I can select your best photos. Pick the option that works best for you.

Choose unlimited favorites. Most clients pick 60 to 80 photos. Other clients choose hundreds. There’s no minimum or maximum. Then, after you pick your favorites, I'll select my favorites.

I'll then use that combined image pool when designing your album.

How It Works

You'll follow these simple steps when picking favorites:

  1. Log in to your private online gallery.
  2. Click the star icon next to each favorite photo.
  3. Let me know when you're done.

That's everything. Simple right?