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Hardcover Album

Hardcover Album

These bespoke hardcover albums showcase your favorite photos and tell your best stories.

Primary albums are normally 12" x 12" while family albums are usually 8" x 8" – but smaller sizes and duplicate albums are also available on request.

Every album opens and lays flat. This ensures optimum viewing angles and a spectacular presentation.

This means that your most important photographs are viewed across a luxurious spread of two facing pages.

When discussing albums, I use the word "spread" to describe two facing pages. That means primary albums include 12" x 24" spreads and family albums include 8" x 16" spreads. Those are large photographs!

A thin vertical crease splits each spread. Information to the left of the vertical crease represents one page and information to the right of the seam represents a second page—just like the left and right pages found in a library book. Album pages are therefore presented in pairs.

With 90+ leather, silk brocade, and vegan-friendly materials available, you can customize your album and make it a perfect personality fit.

Album Craftspeople

I spent years researching and seeking the best album makers worldwide. I worked with five major album companies and interviewed dozens. Some experiences were better than others.

I eventually selected gifted craftspeople manufacturers located on the USA's East Coast.

That was an important choice—for both you and me. For these album heirlooms, I insisted on handcrafted books of unrivaled style and workmanship.

My album maker is a green company offering fabric, leather, and PVC-free man-made leather covers.

Every finished album is presented in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging. That packaging includes handmade recycled pineapple leaf paper wrappers, handmade recycled Mulberry leaf ribbons, cornstarch packing materials, and recyclable cardboard and paper tape shipping materials.