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JPG Files

Compressed JPG files are the universal photographic file standard.

After your photos are selected and corrected, they're exported as graphics files with JPG extensions. This means you can view your photographs in every image editing and viewing software available anywhere.

The JPG standard was created in 1992 and remains the most popular image format worldwide. This means you and future generations will have lifetime access images stored in this universal format.

Full Size

The JPG images you'll receive are full-size images.

Receiving full-size photos is important because they contain more information than resized photos.

This means the JPG photographs reveal more detail—especially when viewed on large monitors or displays supporting 4k or 8k resolution. This means you'll see the best possible photographic resolution on every device—now and in the future.

These full-size files also support larger photographic prints. When enlarging and printing photos, larger files retain details that are lost when enlarging dimensionally smaller files. This means your printed photos look better.

Finally, dimensionally large file sizes mean you can crop the photos closely if desired. This means you can isolate and crop an image detail and still retain good image quality on the dimensionally smaller area you create.

I'll never reduce your file size dimensions so I can save hard drive space or upsell full-size files later. You get the best file size available.

Color Photos

All selected and corrected photographs are captured and delivered in color.

When color photographs are converted to black and white, they're permanently desaturated. In other words, converting color photos to black and white photos is a one-way trip.

If I delivered some color photographs and some black and white photographs, you might want to view the black and white photographs in color. For that reason, color images remain my standard delivery.

Black & White Photos

On request, black and white photo processing is also applied. This means that every image you receive includes both a black and white JPG and a color JPG version.

Photographic preferences are subjective, and my preferences might not match yours. So, providing you with a second set of black and white JPG images gives you twice the selection.