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On-site Setup: Your Location

For indoor head-and-shoulder corporate headshots, most clients ask that I work on-site at their business location.

Setup Fee
1-19 people$200
20+ peoplefree

Although employees can always visit my Houston studio, working on-site at your location is convenient and helps encourage employee productivity.

Area Needed

When I'm creating on-site headshots, I need adequate space for my studio lights, stands, and background. I'll ideally need an open space that measures at least 8 feet wide by 10 feet deep—although more space is always preferred.

Typical business locations include break rooms, an exceptionally large office with furniture removed, a hallway that opens into a larger room, a conference room with the table removed or pushed to one side, or the office lobby.

I can work in smaller spaces, but my lighting options are then limited.

Setup Fees

For indoor on-site portrait photography requiring studio lighting, an additional setup fee of $200 is required. This setup fee is waived for projects involving more than 20 subjects.