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Photos per Hour

For every coverage hour, I typically deliver the quantity indicated.

If you're seeking a more precise number, anticipate a 10% +/- statistical variance. How's that for precise?

Although my estimates are commonly accurate, I can't guarantee exact quantities because variables affect deliverables.

Portrait Photography Variables

Personal Requests – Fewer or more requested angles, matching company lighting styles, expression variety, and background color selections affect delivered photo counts.

Wardrobe Variety – Changing wardrobe takes time away from photography while each wardrobe selection requires repeated poses, lighting, and expressions.

Unforeseen Delays – If you arrive late, forget something in your car, or need hair or makeup adjustments, that can affect your deliverables.

Approval Speed – When I share your photos during your session, you may want to see more examples, see fewer examples, or you might carefully consider every photograph captured.

Wedding Photography Variables

Location Restrictions – Some locations require photography from many angles while others support only one or two. Some church locations restrict photography. More angles mean more photos.

Wedding Party Size – Weddings with large wedding parties typically yield more final photos. Small wedding parties or no wedding parties typically mean fewer photos.

Family Group Quantities – More family photo groupings mean more photographs while fewer family groupings mean fewer photos.

Guest Count – Weddings with large guest counts mean more people are photographed and thus more photos are created.

Schedule Limits – The time dedicated to scheduled couples' portraits directly impacts the number of portraits captured. More time means more photos.

Observed Reception Traditions – Some couples observe speeches, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, table photos, and other reception traditions. Other couples forgo some traditions. The more included traditions, the more photos you'll receive.

Off-Camera Lighting Requirements – When I set up off-camera lighting for portraits or reception coverage, that takes time away from photography. That means fewer photos.

Travel Time – If your photography occurs at multiple locations for getting ready (home), the wedding ceremony (church), and the reception (venue), then photography won't occur during drive time between those locations. Therefore, fewer photos are created.

Weather – Extreme heat, cold, or rain can sometimes impact schedules and portraits resulting in fewer photos.

Event Photography Variables

Guest Count – More guests at your event mean more people are photographed. Therefore, more photos are created.

Coverage Instructions – You may have specific coverage guidance about how speakers and guests should be photographed which can affect final counts.

Presentation Details – If speeches or presentations are included, the length of those happenings affect final counts.

Selecting Better Photos

I'll never hold back photos based on quantity estimates. And the quantity delivered bears no relation to pricing.

The best photos captured always dictate the final quantity delivered. Learn how I select and correct the best photos.