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Selection & Correction

Selection is where your best photos are chosen. Correction is when your photos are improved.


I'll capture photos you'll never see. Those photos are rejected and discarded during the selection and correction process. And that's a good thing because you won't wade through photos you wouldn't want anyway.

I'll only select, correct, and release photographs that meet my minimum artistic and technical standards. Those selected images reflect my best quality of work and represent your most important photographs.

Rejected images may include duplicate or near-duplicate photographs, unflattering images, closed-eye photos, out-of-focus photos, images that reflect negatively on individuals, or photographs that don't meet my minimum quality standard.

However, some imperfect photographs may be included in your collection. That's because my experience has shown that you won't always agree with my definition of imperfect.


Every photograph delivered is corrected by hand. Corrections include adjusting color, setting white balance, modifying exposure, improving clarity, adjusting contrast, and cropping images.

These corrections dramatically improve photograph quality over original RAW files. However, corrections don't include retouching. For those service details, check out my comprehensive retouching info.

Want Everything?

If you want every photograph captured, then you might want to consider purchasing RAW files.