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Medical Device Photographer: Houston
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Stainless Steel Product Photography: White Background
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Houston Product Photography

Specialities include tools, packaging, bottles, electronics, furniture, clothing & industrial equipment.

Choose Me

If you've been sifting through websites trying to find an experienced product photographer in Houston, then you've finally arrived. I'm the product photographer you seek!

If you're a large or mid-sized company who needs thousands of SKUs photographed, then I'm your guy. Or if you're a small startup that only needs a single product photo, then I'm also interested in your business.

Every company deserves great product photography. And with amazing photos, I hope to help you increase sales and improve your bottom line.

Products Photographed

Some of the still life products that I'm often asked to photograph include jewelry, watches, rings, necklaces, apparel, shoes, purses, accessories, fashion, perfume, glass, glassware, appliances, makeup, lipstick, powder, food, drinks, bottles, motorcycles, cars, automobiles, liquids, splashes,dolls, electronics, firearms, guns, musical instruments, guitars, cleaning supplies, and scopes.

Product Photography for Websites

As a product photographer in Houston, I'm often tasked to photograph a wide range of products. In some cases I'm asked to photograph products that will eventually be used in catalogs or in online stores like

I'm familiar with the needs of those kinds of projects. Or if you already have a fixed, standard way that you'd like me to proceed as your photographer, I'm happy to follow the lead of your marketing team or art director.

Clean Backgrounds

More often than not, my product photography involves creating photographs of single products on a white background or black. However, if you're in need of a styled shoot involving more than just your product, then I have experience there as well. In fact, if your project will involve casting, I'm even able to help you with your production needs.

Best Photographer for Your Project

Although you might think that Houston abounds with product photographers, I think you might find that only a few have the skills and experience to truly elevate the perceived value of your product through photography.

As you review my work as a commercial product photographer, I hope you'll feel that my style will help you meet your project goals.