Mobile Phones & Small Electronics

Mobile Phones & Small Electronics

Photographing phones and small electronics is a specialty area for my product studio. 

Several years ago I was hired by Microsoft and AT&T to photograph several new phones that would be used and available for the Windows Phone 7 launch. 

This shoot was highly controlled in that NDAs were involved as word of these phones could not get out prior to the actual launch date. This particular project occurred over a very short period of time as I was called on a late Wednesday afternoon for shoot that was scheduled to occur at 9:30 AM the next morning. 

Some of the tasks involved in making this project happen included finding a suitable location, hiring a digital tech, sourcing an on-site retoucher, hiring two assistants, and gathering all the gear necessary to create these photographs. 

Although these photographs may appear to be simple, photographing glass straight on is no easy task. 

Before the session, I had developed my plan even though I had no idea of what the phones would look like or what was expected for me in terms of the final images. 

I was fortunate in that the art director of the project approved the product photography immediately which allowed me to swiftly move through the nine photographs needed by the client. 

All told, the project only took four hours to complete and we were able to deliver the finished, retouched photographs in the same period of time.

Location: Santa Monica, California.