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Favorite Fine Art Nude Photography

I create empowering nude portraits that are classically beautiful using the contrasting nature of chiaroscuro.

I use the light and dark (chiaroscuro) in my photography to accentuate the positive in every subject—regardless of height, weight, gender, or body shape.


My standard portrait photography pricing applies for fine art nude photography. However, unlike my typical portraiture, all fine art nude photographs will be provided as black and white images. 

Sophisticated Nudes

GQ Magazine Photo Editor Jolanta Alberty flattered me by stating that my fine art nude photography "brings a level of sophistication to the erotic." I loved her observation as I feel it described my nude boudoir work perfectly.

Are You Nervous?

If you're nervous about appearing in nude photography, implied nude photographs, or photos featuring you form while wearing lingerie, that's totally natural and expected. 

However, I promise that after just a few minutes in front of the camera those feelings will fade away. In fact, my subjects frequently mention that I have an uncanny knack for setting their minds at ease during these empowering portrait sessions.  I'll do that for you too.

Frequent Questions

To help you better understand my process, I've assembled several frequently asked questions about my fine art commissions. If you have any additional questions that I've not addressed here, please send me an e-mail or give me a call. I'd love to speak to you further!

How does this work?

When you first arrive at my studio we'll chat a bit about your expectations for our session. This brief conversation will allow you to become more comfortable with me as your photographer. I'll then give you a brief tour of my studio; this will allow you to become more comfortable with your surroundings. 

Once you're ready to begin, I'll direct you to a private changing room. Upon your return from the changing room, and once you're comfortable, I'll ask you to disrobe and we'll begin making photographs. During the course of the session I'll show you some of the photos we're creating so you can be more comfortable with the project. 

As my previous subjects can attest, it's really quite easy. And this whole process doesn't take much time. Because of many hours I've spent refining my technique, I'll probably finish my work in less than thirty minutes. Then, after we're done with the session, I'll process your photos on my computer so you can review them before you leave!

Why are your photographs black and white?

Although my cameras record color images, when I process photographs I often convert them to black and white. Simply put, I prefer black and white fine art nude photography over color photography. 

I feel that a black and white presentation lends certain sophistication and artistry to the images. Additionally, it's been my experience that nude photographs presented in color don't enjoy the same global artistic acceptance as black and white nude photographs.

May I bring a chaperone?

Certainly! However, to ensure the integrity of our session and avoid distractions, I'd prefer that any chaperone you select be of the same sex and not be your parent, minor, or significant other. 

Based on past experiences, I've found that this policy provides us both with the best possible comfort levels as we create your photographs.

How do you avoid the sexual aspect of your photography?

For thousands of years people have made connections between adult nudity and sex. Those same folks have convinced others that there's something shameful about the nude human form. As a photographic artist, I hold a different perspective. 

When I'm behind my camera, I see the nude human form as an elegant, beautiful, and sometimes surprising collection of shapes and shadows—one that is associated with sensuous rather than sexual contexts. I take my work ethic seriously and guarantee my professionalism as your photographer.

Will you post my nude photographs publicly?

Unless someone provides me with specific written permission, I won't publicly display recognizable nude photographs. As you can see from my portfolio, I typically don't reveal a model's face except in unrecognizable silhouette.

Getting Ready for Your Session

If you follow these simple tips, you'll present yourself in the best possible light in the nude photographs we capture. Remember, this information is intended to serve as helpful guideline and shouldn't be considered requirements.

  • You might pay particular attention to facial and body hair. Even if your facial or body hair is masked by makeup, it can still appear in your photographs. The good rule of thumb here is to simply take whatever grooming steps you think are necessary in order to make you the most comfortable both during your session and in your photographs.
  • It's critical that your skin be free of unnatural indentations during our session. To help ensure we avoid this common issue, when you travel to my home studio, please wear loose fitting clothing that won't constrict your body (think warm ups). Additionally, I'd strongly recommend against wearing undergarments or jewelry as they sometimes cause skin indentations that will appear in your photos.
  • Personal makeup is typically not required and shouldn't be a consideration when getting ready. However, darker lipsticks and false eyelashes will be visible if you choose to include them as part of your preparations.
  • You should bring a robe or other covering so you won't be nude when you're not being photographed.
  • Use a moisturizer immediately before your session. Having a manicure a few days before the session is also highly recommended as your hands may be featured in the photography.
  • Try to get a good night's sleep before your photo session and avoid alcohol.