Three Squared Fine Art Nude Portrait
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Three Squared Fine Art Nude Portrait

This fine art nude portrait is titled "Three Squared" and features a triple exposure capture of a single subject.

WPPI Award Winner

This photograph received a First Place trophy at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Conference in Las Vegas in 2018 in the “In Camera Artistry” category.

The “In Camera Artistry” category requires that the image comes straight out of the camera without any adjustments or retouching. In other words, it’s the embedded JPEG from the RAW file.

This photograph was captured as a square (1:1 aspect ratio) in black and white using multiple exposures of one person in three poses. The camera used was a Nikon D850, while the light sources were two Profoto B1s connected to two Profoto 1x6 RFi softboxes.

1/200; f/13.0; ISO 64; 50.0 mm.