Monopoly Hotels
Bingo Baby
North American Plastic Army
White Dice
Dirty Letter Dice
Cheap Plastic Poker Chips
Fence Finials
Costume Jewelry #2
Costume Jewelry #5
Plain Wooden Scrabble Tiles
Plastic Letter Game Pieces
Smooth Glass Squares
Stamp Collection
Softball Collection
Monopoly Houses
European Plastic Army
Red Dice
Colorful Letter Dice
Wooden Sambos Tokens
Chess & Checkers Pieces
Costume Jewelry #1
Costume Jewelry #4
Collection of Christmas Ornaments
Red Scrabble Tiles
Numbered Tile Game Pieces
White Dominoes
Green Knobs
Mattel Car Collection
Wooden Blocks Spell Sex
Modern Army Plastic Soldiers
European Metal Army
Mixed Dice
Wooden Promotion Tokens
Used Bottle Caps
House Letters & Numbers
Costume Jewelry #3
Wonder Bread Clips
Asian Tile Game Pieces
Black Dominoes
Purple Knobs
Stamped Letters
Military Vehicles
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Found Items

Found Items

The Found Items Project is a photographic exploration of grouped like items with interesting visual repetition.

I've kept this fun little personal project in the back of my mind for years. I have lots of ideas and extensive as to how I might continue if I can ever set aside the time to give it the effort it deserves.

Send me an email if you found these images interesting and you'd like me to continue!