Flowing Fuzzy Long Leafs
Succulent Opening Alone
Dark Purple Succulent Study
View from the Inside with Water
Succulent Nubby with Prickly Pointers
Red Topped Cacti in Botanical Gardens
Black Tip Succulents Screaming Pain
Knobby Cactus Forest Maze
Succulent Cones Exploding in the Morning
Orchid Opens Self to World
Broad Green Leafy Veins
Rose Fort Surrounding by Growing Towers
Pink Passion Bloom Opens to the World
Prize Winning Orchid Pair Posing Sadly
Fuzzy Wuzzy Cattails
Succulent Center Round Red & Green
Shadowy Pointy Points on Cacti
Busy Bee Coming to Roost
Wide Leaves of Succulent Shovels
Short Spike Detail
Round Top Cacti Forward Succulent
Popping Succulent Tiny Green
Rare Red Flora Peeks from the Forest Floor
Ladder to the Sky Seeks Redemption
Water Lily Yellow Centered Purple
Soft Yellow Goodness Pillow
Flora from Below Blue Sky
Thrusting Outward Yellow & Orange
Prickly Situation with This Cactus
Thrusting Up from Below with Authority
Succulent City Peeking Toward the Sky
Shapes on Succulents Shadowy Spears
Sweeping Spikes Deep Depth
Carpet Bed of Popcorn Succulents
Red Blaze Forest of Burning Succulents
Red Three Pointed Star
Yellow Daffodils Center Sunshine
Purple Duo on Field of Green
Orange UFOs Rising from Green Sea
Pink Orchid Spray Floating Happily
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Flora Photography

These are some pretty photos of pretty flowers that would look pretty great in most pretty bathrooms.

When I first started pursuing photography seriously, it was just a hobby. I simply enjoyed creating pretty pictures that friends and family might oooh and aaah about when I shared them on my simple website. 

To hone my skills, I became a member of the Huntington Library and Gardens and visited that location almost every weekend wandering the pathways and creating photographs of plants that I found interesting. 

Most of the work found in this gallery was created there. Although I haven't pursued this kind of work in more than a decade, I hope that you’ll find some pleasure in these images.