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Engagement Session Photographer

There are many benefits for the couples who choose to have me photograph them around Houston.

Engagement Session Information

Whether you've already hired me to photograph your wedding, you're visiting Houston from out-of-town, or if you live here but are getting married elsewhere, I hope that you'll consider me for your engagement session photography.

Current Clients

Asking me to photograph you and your fiancé before your wedding is one of the most important things we can do to help improve your wedding-day photography.

Simply stated, I tend to create better photographs when I've photographed you before your wedding day. And aren't my amazing photographs the reason why you selected me over hundreds of other photographers?

During your engagement session, I'll also gain a better understanding of your personalities and best expressions. I'll even show you how to appear elegantly casual in your photos so that your images will have a candid feel that I know you'll want to emulate on your wedding day.

An engagement session is also a great confidence builder. Being able to see how great you look in your engagement photos will increase your personal confidence and your confidence in my skills as your wedding photographer.

The engagement session experience and resulting photographs will also provide you with a visual vocabulary to help you more clearly articulate the style of photography you prefer so I can deliver those kinds of photos on your wedding day.

Other Benefits

It's only natural that you might feel a bit anxious about being photographed by a professional. And since your wedding day is not the best time to experience any extra pressure, one key benefit of an engagement session is that afterwards you'll feel more comfortable in front of any camera.

Finally, there are only so many professional photos you can gift or display with you in wedding attire. The photographs from an engagement session offer an opportunity to have photographs of you as a couple without the implications inherent in photos of you in tuxedos or wedding gowns.

Additional Information

To check out examples, please don't miss my favorite engagement session photographs. And check out my engagement session pricing to find out more about this great value you can add to your wedding-day coverage.