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Houston Boudoir Photographer

I create empowering fine art boudoir portraits using contrasting characteristics of chiaroscuro.

Using light and dark (chiaroscuro), my boudoir photography accentuates the positive in every subject—regardless of height, weight, or body shape.

GQ Magazine Photo Editor Jolanta Alberty flattered me when she said my boudoir photography "brings a level of sophistication to the erotic."

When I'm behind my camera, I see the nude human form as an elegant, beautiful, and sometimes surprising collection of shapes and shadows—one associated with sensuous rather than sexual contexts.

I take my work ethic seriously and guarantee professionalism.


My portrait photography pricing applies to boudoir photography. However, unlike typical portraits, boudoir images are provided as black and white images.

Frequent Questions

Here are frequently asked questions about my fine art boudoir photography. For answers to other questions, please call or email.

How does it work?

When you arrive at my houston studio we'll sit for a bit and chat about your expectations. This conversation will help you to become more comfortable with me as your photographer.

Once you're ready, I'll leave the room allowing you privacy while changing. When you're ready and once you're comfortable, you'll let me know. Then we'll begin making photographs.

At every step along the way, I'll show you the photos we're creating. You'll see how amazing you look and that's a huge confidence builder.

As my previous clients can attest, the process is super easy. And this session doesn't take much time. I'll probably finish the work in about thirty minutes, but we can work longer if you prefer.

Are the photographs black and white?

Although my cameras record color images, for fine art I prefer black and boudoir images. The black and white presentation lends sophistication and artistry to the images.

However, they're your images. If you'd prefer color photographs, I'll provide them in that format.

Are chaperones allowed?

Certainly. I'd prefer that any chaperone be of the same gender and not be your parent, minor child, or significant other.

Based on past experience, this policy provides the best possible comfort levels when we're creating your photographs.

What if I'm nervous?

If you're nervous, that's only natural. I promise that those feelings will fade quickly. I'll share the photos while we work and you'll see amazing results immediately.

Trust and comfort are everything. The men and women I photograph frequently mention they're almost immediately at ease during these empowering portrait sessions.

Will you share my photos?

Unless your provide me with written permission, I won't display your photographs publicly—on my website or in social media.

Getting Ready

This information is intended to serve as helpful guidance and shouldn't be considered requirements.

  • You might pay particular attention to facial and body hair. Even if your facial or body hair is masked by makeup, it can still appear in your photographs. The good rule of thumb here is to simply take whatever grooming steps you think are necessary in order to make you the most comfortable both during your session and in your photographs.
  • It's critical that your skin be free of unnatural indentations during our session. To help ensure we avoid this common issue, when you travel to my home studio, please wear loose fitting clothing that won't constrict your body (think warm ups). Additionally, I'd strongly recommend against wearing undergarments or jewelry as they sometimes cause skin indentations that will appear in your photos.
  • Personal makeup is typically not required and shouldn't be a consideration when getting ready. However, darker lipsticks and false eyelashes will be visible if you choose to include them as part of your preparations.
  • You should bring a robe or other covering so you won't be nude when you're not being photographed.
  • Use a moisturizer immediately before your session. Having a manicure a few days before the session is also highly recommended as your hands may be featured in the photography.
  • Try to get a good night's sleep before your photo session and avoid alcohol.