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Houston Boudoir Photographer

I create empowering fine art boudoir portraits using contrasting characteristics of chiaroscuro.

Using light and dark (chiaroscuro), my boudoir photography accentuates the positive in every subject—regardless of height, weight, or body shape.

EMPOWERED fine art photography


GQ Magazine Photo Editor Jolanta Alberty flattered me when she said my boudoir photography "brings a level of sophistication to the erotic."

When I'm behind my camera, I see the nude human form as an elegant, beautiful, and sometimes surprising collection of shapes and shadows—one associated with sensuous rather than sexual contexts.

I take my work ethic seriously and guarantee professionalism.


My affordable portrait photography pricing applies to boudoir photography. If you're interested in a tangible keepsake, consider adding a boudoir album. Boudoir photography starts at only $350.

Frequent Questions

Here are frequently asked questions about my fine art boudoir photography. For answers to other questions I've not considered, please call or email.

My fine art boudoir photography allows for nudity, implied nudity, draped nudity, and lingerie. You can pick one style, two styles, or a mixture of all styles. Choose what seems most comfortable. And change your mind anytime. Or delete photos you don't want later.

Nude, implied nude, and draped nude work best with my fine art style.
Most photos in my portfolio are presented anonymously to preserve privacy. However, I'll absolutely photograph your face and expressions during your session.
If you're nervous, that's natural. I promise those feelings will fade quickly. I'll show you photos while we work, and you'll see amazing results immediately.

Trust and comfort are everything. Men and women I photograph often mention that they almost immediately feel at ease during these empowering portrait sessions.
Both during and after your boudoir photography session, you'll feel:

  • beautiful
  • confident
  • empowered
  • powerful
  • sensual
  • sexy
  • strong
Unless you provide me with written permission, I won't display your photographs publicly or privately.
Absolutely. I'd prefer that any friend or chaperone be of the same gender and not be your parent, minor child, or significant other. Based on experience, this policy provides ideal comfort levels when we're creating your photographs.
When you arrive, we'll chat about expectations. This conversation will help you feel more comfortable and that means better photographs.

Once you're ready, I'll leave the room while you change or disrobe. When you're ready, you'll let me know. Then we'll begin making photographs.
Wear intimate apparel you think looks best on you. Textured lacy lingerie is preferred. Here are recommended Houston lingerie shops** and online stores:

My typical boudoir photography location is my Houston studio. My portfolio photographs represent that location.

I also offer environmental locations featuring bedrooms, bathtubs, showers, or outdoor landscapes. Those alternative interior locations require additional fees of $200 to $500 depending on the location you select.
At every step along the way, I'll show you the photos we're creating. You'll see how amazing you look. That's a huge confidence builder. I'll never hide my work.

When your session is complete and after I've adjusted and corrected your photos, you'll then view and download your images from your private online gallery.
This session doesn't take much time. I'll finish most photography in about thirty minutes. But we can continue longer if you prefer. You'll see the images we create as we proceed, and you can add time at your discretion.
I prefer black & white boudoir images. I believe a black & white presentation lends sophistication. That's why I only show black & white photos in my portfolio.

However, I recognize some people prefer color photography. Therefore, I'll provide both black & white and color images. You'll choose which photos you love best.

Getting Ready

These recommendations offer helpful guidance. They aren't requirements.

  • Wear loose-fitting travel clothing and jewelry.
  • Bring lots of lingerie. Many choices beat too few.
  • Mesh or lace two-piece, form-fitting lingerie or underwear works best.
  • Manicures and pedicures are recommended.
  • Choose makeup and hairstyles that fit the real you.
  • Black & white photos positively accentuate dark eye and lip makeup.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before your session.
  • Remember your robe. You’ll need it.
  • Arrive with hair and makeup ready.
  • Moisturize. Everywhere and often.
  • Shave and wax carefully.

How to Book Me

Let's create amazing photographs together. Simply contact me when you're ready and we'll get started.