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Houston Comp Card / Zed Card Photographer

A ZED or comp card is a promotional card used by models or actors. A typical design often includes one side that displays the model's best headshot, name, and phone number while the reverse side will show a few more photos in different styles along with measurements and professional experience.

Although the term ZED card is commonly used interchangeably with the term comp card, they're not actually the same thing. A true ZED card is similar to a comp card, but is usually shorter and folded into three sections. When viewed from above, partially opened, it looks like the letter "Z." The ZED card was given its name because the letter "Z" is pronounced as "zed" in England, where the card first appeared.

If you want to become a successful model, your look must appeal to advertising agencies and corporations. They must believe that your face and body would complement their product and therefore increase sales.

I have the ability to capture the many different photos required to get you noticed. What's more, these images can all be captured within a single photo session with multiple wardrobe changes against a variety of settings.