Quirky Portrait: Bride & Groom
Groom Reads Card
Hotel First Look Triptych
Couple Tree Meeting
Kissing Couple Triptych
Wedding Couple Silhouettes
Catholic Church Details
Bride Processional
Wedding Ceremony

Hotel Wedding Album

This album features a wedding ceremony at a Catholic church and then a hotel reception.

One of my favorite stories about this wedding was how the bride and groom decided to see each other before the wedding even though the main wedding party portraits of the bridesmaids and groomsmen weren't scheduled to occur until after the ceremony.

The copule wanted to see each other simply so they could calm their nerves a bit before the wedding ceremony. And that worked wonderfully.

As for the hotel reception, they had an amazing wedding band that set the tone for the reception along with touching speeches by the father of the bride, the best man, and the maid of honor.

After I produced this album for the bride and groom and presented the final bound copy for their review, I watched as the bride flipped through each page and reacted as I always hope a client reacts—with tears of joy.

There is no better feeling for a wedding photographer than to see wedding couples react in this way to my photography.