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Pasadena Engagement Album

This movie-themed engagement album photographed at Pasadena City Hall features quirky couple and fun props.

Photography Competition

This engagement photography album showcases my entry into the 2012 Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Print & Album Competition.

It was awarded first place and represents some of my best work as a wedding photographer. This album is titled Movie Lovers.

Album Design

The album design also speaks to my philosophy of minimalist design and explore the relationships of my subjects in a way that isn't affected by the environment. In this album, the subjects are presented in front a blank wall and with only a minimal number of props.

Through my photography and layout technique I tell a basic story that shares great insight into the character and personality of these subjects.

In this online album, I've omitted the title page and the ending title card. When I submit an engagement album or a wedding album to international print competition, I'll typically include a title card and an end card in my design as they serve to set the tone for the album.

The title page gives the judges a chance to prepare for what comes ahead, before they are presented with any album images. Likewise, the end page, which almost always features the words "The End," serves to offer a gentle conclusion instead of an abrupt blank screen after the final album photograph.

The thirteen photographs presented in this album were captured during the first 15 minutes of Kristin and Jerrod's two-hour engagement session at Pasadena City Hall, an amazing wedding venue and engagement session location.

Pasadena City Hall is located in Pasadena, California. Phone: (626) 744-4000. Website: