Fun Engagement Session Photography in Pasadena
Pasadena City Hall Engagement

Fun Engagement Session Photography in Pasadena

As you might imagine, this wasn't a spontaneous moment captured in my camera. This was still an early moment during this Pasadena engagement session, and I had to make sure everything was in place before instructing Kristin to dump her popcorn that all of our popcorn related photographs were complete. We didn't have any extra popcorn so this was a one-shot deal. I briefly flirted with the idea of having Kristin throw the popcorn into the air but I felt that the personalities of this engaged couple would be better expressed with the pouring of popcorn by Kristen over Kristin. Before Kristin started, I positioned Jerrod, asked him move the peanuts box until I felt it was in the perfect position, and then asked him to "look at Kristin like she's a crazy person doing something crazy." Only when I was completely satisfied with Jerrod's position and expression did I ask Kristin to begin pouring the popcorn. But I should also mention that even the pour wasn't very spontaneous. Before she began, I asked her to move her arm and hand into what I thought was an appropriate position to achieve the best balance in the photograph. Like the previous action sequence in this album, I set my camera to continuous high speed and shot off a 20-frame burst as Kristin poured the entire contents of the popcorn container all over herself. The photograph featured here was my favorite from this sequence.

Location: 100 Garfield Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101.

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