Bride Walks to Meet Her Partner at Sunstone Winery
Sunstone Winery (Star Wars)

Bride Walks to Meet Her Partner at Sunstone Winery

This photograph shows Linda leaving the winery tasting room and walking across the property over to where Ace was waiting to see her for the first time on their wedding day.

This photograph helps tell the story of the movement from the getting ready time to the time that was set aside for the first look. Including the landscape in the photograph helps establish a sense of place while the imperfect position of the bride establishes that this photograph represents a photojournalistic view of the moment rather than a staged event.. I purposefully positioned myself in relation to the subject so that her head would be framed in the greenery behind her. One of the great things about being a photographer, is our ability to remove distraction from the scene. And part of that is being able to not only see our subjects, but also pay close attention to the surroundings in order to create clean compositions.

Location: 125 N Refugio Rd, Santa Ynez, CA 93460.

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