Couple Greets Family Dog with Stormtrooper Onlookers
Sunstone Winery (Star Wars)

Couple Greets Family Dog with Stormtrooper Onlookers

The pairing of these two photographs are complementary as they feature the famous Star Wars character Chewbacca initially alone and then later Chewbacca with two Stormtroopers and Captain Rex.

In the second photo, we're introduced to the couple's small dog named Bear. It should be noted that I typically only include the strongest possible photographs in a wedding album, but in this case the content of the photograph won over the technical imperfections. In this case, posing a dog particularly one as rambunctious, as Bear can be a daunting task. Photographed just outside the Sunstone Winery tasting room, these two images express both a tender moment and a fun moment for this same sex couple celebrating their wedding day near Solvang, California.

Location: 125 N Refugio Rd, Santa Ynez, CA 93460.

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