Vera Wang Bride Dressing at Sunstone Winery
Sunstone Winery (Star Wars)

Vera Wang Bride Dressing at Sunstone Winery

Before Linda started to get ready at Sunstone Winery, we were presented with a quandary. We were presented with a rather small conference room that was crowded with furniture simply wasn't very attractive in terms of photography.

And so s spend about 15 minutes in the room the furniture in order for us to have enough room to work and for Linda to get dressed. In hindsight, the couple should have rented a room at the Villa or Linda should have gotten dressed at the hotel and driven to the winery. Because of the cramped space and the lost time, some of the coverage was negatively impacted. In terms of photograph, and his sister was helping her on with her black Vera Wang dress. The tattoo on Linda's back in the name of her deceased mother. She was so missed on their wedding day, and I wanted to make sure that I incorporated that into the photography.

Location: 125 N Refugio Rd, Santa Ynez, CA 93460.

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