Wedding Featuring Captain Rex from The Clone Wars
Rob Greer Photography
Sunstone Winery (Star Wars)

Wedding Featuring Captain Rex from The Clone Wars

You may not be familiar with the Star Wars character Captain Rex, but Ace certainly was and she wasn't afraid to show it. In fact, Captain Rex is her favorite Star Wars character.

For these conceptual photographs, I asked Rex to hold up his blasters and instructed Ace to look fearful. For the next sequence, I began by trying to pose Ace in a manner similar to that of Leah in the original Star Wars movie poster. Although I was relatively unsuccessful in that pose and it's unlikely that anyone would realize that was my intent, I was happily surprised to find the resulting image to still be quite cute and perfect for this two photo sequence.

Location: 125 N Refugio Rd, Santa Ynez, CA 93460.

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