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Wedding Album Los Angeles Times Cover

The first spread of an album is particularly important. It should be attention grabbing and have impact. It should tell a complete story. It should give the viewer the information they need to understand that this is a wedding album without any further supplemental information. The idea for an opening spread like this originated with a photograph taken by my second photographer many years ago. I've since refined the idea and now try to capture a similar image at every wedding I photograph. However, I'm often at the whim of the front page and the stories in the photographs presented in the newspaper and I am often foiled in my attempt to create a truly nice image for my clients.

There's an album spread that I've omitted that appears after this page that includes other details from this small wedding and the getting ready room shared by the bride and groom. The images on this omitted spread include photographs of the invitation, the rings on a Terranea information book, the engagement ring and wedding bands, the groom's watch, the bridal bouquet, and several of the groom's accessories including his tie, belt, shoes, and socks.

Terranea Resort is located in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.